Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Aforarcade jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are rather annoying when it comes to the loo, but some are incredibly classy and can visually lend some height. Haha. I save this pretty monochrome number for special events and days when I want to look a little more dressed up but still remain comfy. #lifeneartheequator #comfortiskey

REVIEW: The BlackBox Exclusive Pack - The Beautiful Truth

Thursday, October 1, 2015

"Never love anybody who treats you like you're ordinary."
-Oscar Wilde

For their latest Exclusive Pack, BlackBox is going all out for our skin with some really premium beauty products. The Beautiful Truth pack contains

  • SOTHYS Sensitive Discovery Kit
    This little travel-sized kit covers all your skincare needs. First, we have the Micellar Cleansing Water which sensitive skin will love. It removes makeup and impurities easily and quickly. Perfect for lazy days or when we can't wait to hop into bed. The best thing about this? No rinsing needed! Second, comes the Soothing SOS Serum, which is going to be our skin's guardian angel. It instantly soothes discomfort and reduces redness. This is great for skin that is dehydrated. Third, the Soothing Melting Fluid makes the perfect daily protection for our skin against external aggressors. Sensitive, combination skin will find much comfort in this. Fourth, the Nutri-soothing Mask ends our little regimen nicely with a quick emergency care to provide immediate relief for any discomfort and to maintain the balance of sensitive skin.

  • d'Skin UV Defense
    This sunscreen provides protection against 99.6% of UVA and UVB rays that are harmful to our skin. It is also formulated with Ascorbyl Glucoside, which helps to reduce the production of melanin and lighten existing melanin. Other ingredients include roots extract of Scutellaria Baicalensis, Arnica Montana Flower, Paeonia Suffruticosa and Daucus Carota Sativa. These help to nourish dehydrated skin and prevent skin from premature ageing.

  • ITOH Japan Crystal Collagen 5300
    As we are all well aware of, we are what we eat and a collagen a day will mean that we keep ageing at bay. This Japanese beauty drink contains a blend of 7 revitalizing ingredients; 5,300mg of Micro-collagen Peptides for skin elasticity and firmness, Vitamin C for antioxidant action, Hyaluronic Acid for moisture boost, Kiwi Seed Extract to repair damaged cells and reduce inflammation, Shell Ginger Leaf to increase collagen production, Pomegranate Flower Extract for its anti-ageing properties and Soy Isoflavone for stronger bones. It helps to tackle signs of ageing, restore our skin's radiance and takes us a step closer to younger, crystal clear and supple-looking skin.

Here are my thoughts on them! (:

SOTHYS is a brand which I got acquainted with when I was a lot younger (Heh.). I had a lip balm from them and it was great at keeping my lips all moisturized and soft. So I was really quite excited to break open this SOTHYS Sensitive Discovery Kit, which is so compatible for sensitive me. The whole regimen doesn't irritate my skin and works great at keeping it clean and well-moisturized. My favourite item is the Micellar Cleansing Water. It is light, refreshing and removes my light everyday makeup easily with a few swipes!

Made in Japan, the liquid, cream-coloured d'Skin UV Defence comes in a small 40ml bottle that fits nicely into any bag. It can be used alone or after moisturizer. I quite enjoy this sunscreen because it smells pleasant, is incredibly lightweight, spreads easily across the skin and sinks in quickly. I usually dust on powder foundation right after applying this and it doesn't cause any caking.

ITOH Japan Crystal Collagen 5300 comes in a box of 16 500ml bottles and there are 2 regimens you can follow; for some intensive anti-ageing, take one bottle a day or if you're just looking for some maintenance, 1 bottle every other day will do fine. It is best consumed before breakfast or before sleep, chilled and well-shaken. Collagen drinks take a while to work so I can't quite comment on the effects. But this white peach-flavoured supplement is one of the more pleasant collagen drinks I have drunk. It's quite sweet, but it's not very sour (I cannot do sour.). It's not quite handy to bring around because it's in a glass bottle, but if you make it a habit to drink it at the start or at the end of the day, then it's very convenient. (:

Here's a recent photo after trying out the Beautiful Truth Pack!

The Beautiful Truth Pack (worth $261.15) is now at a promo price of ONLY $17.90 from October 1st. But this is only for the first 40 sets, so you'd better hurry!

Click here to buy this pack now: www.blackbox.sg/luxury/detail/exclusive/The_Beautiful_Truth
For more info, head over to www.blackbox.sg.
For other Exclusive Boxes at BlackBox e-store, key in BBXCJ10 to get a 10% discount! :D

REVIEW: Benefit's Lollibalm

Sunday, September 27, 2015

I love lip and cheek stains. They are simple to use, completely natural looking and make it seem like you're flushing with radiance from within. Unfortunately, I can only use them on my cheeks because my lips are rather dry. And we all know that stains and dry lips do not make a pretty sight. So anyway, when Benefit came up with lip balm versions of their famous Cheek & Lip Stains, I just HAD to buy them. All 4 (This is said with pride and no shame at all. Haha. Heh. I don't spend as much as I used to now. So it's all good. Heh. #tryingreallyhardtobeanadult) and Lollibalm *points above* is my favourite out of the lot.

Described as a candy-orchid tinted kiss of sheer, buildable colour, this comes with mango butter and sodium hyaluronate to give you the softest and most luscious lips. Truthfully, this is a really expensive lip balm that doesn't even come with SPF. But I love the colour so much that I would buy it over and over again. *starts singing Nelly's 'Over and Over'* It brightens up my complexion even when I haven't got much makeup on, isn't the least bit sticky and just looks so, so pretty. Permanent resident in my makeup bag!