Friday, March 12, 2010

The maiden debut begins with a haul.

Too Faced was the brand for Tuesday. I got the The Bronzed and Beautiful and The Smokey Eye Palette. They cost $63 each at Sephora. I have been wanting the former for a pretty long time now. There are 3 bronzers; Snow Bunny, Pink Leopard and Sun Bunny. Initially, I wanted to get the baby Pink Leopard, which cost $24. But I had a $40 Sephora voucher and I really didn't need any other items (HAHA.). The SA suggested this set, which I thought was a good idea since I'm completely new to bronzers and Pink Leopard has really mixed reviews about it. But alas, it was out of stock! I waited for a week over before spotting it at NAC's Sephora and was incredibly thrilled! Lol. The Smokey Eye Palette was something that I had been thinking about getting it. I was really reluctant because Mum got me Benefit's Smokey Eyes for last Christmas. BUT... Since I was a mere (HAHA again.) 100 bucks away from another $40 voucher, I decided to get it. The set comes with 3 tutorials; one's for a day look, another's a not-too-dramatic smokey eye look and the next one is, of course, a dramatic one. I swatched the tester at Sephora and boy, were the eyeshadows smooth. It was also something different from all my glittery Urban Decay eyeshadows! I will definitely be using the day-look one for school, just so that school will be a tad more exciting to attend. (Right now, it's towards the end of the semester. Think: Tests, tests and more tests. Also, the rushing of the completion of the syllabus so ho-hum...). Haha.

I headed down to Kinokuniya after class today to meet up with Dorcas. I picked up 2 Japanese magazines; Steady and Sweet, and Cher 15th Anniversary Box. Steady comes with an Agnes B. small tote bag (H9xW12cm) and Sweet, a Jill Stuart Cafe pouch (H18xW24xD7cm). Cher's one has a tote bag (H20.5xW35xD15.5) and a small pouch (H11.5xW16.5xD5). I haven't got any pictures of them because they are still wrapped up in their pretty little boxes. Haha. I will post pictures of them when I do get round to opening them...
The Gelato Pique 2010 Spring/ Summer Collection comes out tomorrow. It comes with a sweet-looking pouch (H17xW21xD7cm). I'm not sure if Kinokuniya will have it but I think I may pop down just to check it out (and also to get the Agnes B. 2010 Spring/ Summer Collection, if they still have it! Oh! Please do let them have it!).
And there goes my moolah, which I have been painstakingly saving for my iPhone... Oh well. Everyone has an iPhone anyway and I really don't need it. (Like I need all these items...)
Oh! Lunch was taken at The Coffee Club and boy! Are their portions mightily PUNY!!! Their baked rice was not the least bit filling at all. Good service though.

And today's brand was Majolica Majorca!  Before this week, the only items that I bought from Majolica Majorca were their eyeshadow palettes. I have 3 from them, two of which remain unopened because they are just so pretty!!! Okay, I know. Kuku me. I will open them soon, now that I have decided to wear very light make-up to school, just to make school a little more colourful and also, to use up my stash.
Anyway, I got myself the the Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On, Lash Gorgeous Wing and Lash Bone Fiber in Black (It says 'Lash Bone Black Fiber In' in the pamphlet... Which sounds really weird. Also, do note that the pictures for Lash Beautifying Mascara Frame Plus and Lash Gorgeous Wing are swopped.). While stocks last, you get a Majolica Majorca pouch, if you spend $50 and more. This promotion has apparently gone on for quite some time now but new stocks just arrived in NAC's Watson's today. (: Oh! Watson is having a 20% discount on selected items and yes, Majolica Majorca's items are on sale.
I will be trying the mascaras out soon and will let you know how well they fare. So far, Rimmel London's Sexy Curves Mascara is the best for me!

What a crazy long first entry! Haha. This marks the start of my so-called beauty blog. I'm still keeping my personal blog but I haven't got much to blog about nowadays. It's just school, school and more school. Ho-hum.
Toodles, people!

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