Sunday, May 30, 2010

REVIEW: Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils

Where to find: Sephora

Price: $30

The Good: Glides on very easily. Of creamy texture. Can be used as an eyeshadow when first applied (Just smudge it!). Let it sit for a minute or two and it will be completely waterproof and smudge-proof. Vibrant colours available. Safe for usage on the waterline and it stays on!

The Bad: The price. Sigh. But really, that's all!

If you have seen my Urban Decay collection post, you will know that I have more than these mere few colours (The above are Zero, Binge, Covet, Electric, Yeyo and Bourbon.) but these are the ones that I am currently using. (: Bourbon's my favourite but I think Covet's gonna replace it soon!

Anyway, when friends ask me about eyeliners, I practically scream "URBAN DECAY!!!" in their faces! That's because Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils are the BEST eyeliners that I have EVER owned. It's worth every single penny that I shell out for them. I have tried pencils from The Body Shop (My very first pencil when I was 16!), The Face Shop, ZA, Maybelline New York, Revelon, Silky Girl and Majolica Majorca and they all smudge on me, very badly (BOO to oily eyelids!). The only other brand that I go for for pencil eyeliners is L.A. Girl. They don't smudge on me and are dirt cheap but they aren't as creamy as Urban Decay's and they don't glide on as smoothly. I don't wanna end up with wrinkled eyelids just because I decide to colour them!

The price is a bit of a turn-off, especially when you're still schooling and taking pocket money from your parents. But like I said earlier, they are really worth it because you don't end up with eyes of a panda and you save yourself from all the worry of looking like one. (BUT if your pocket doesn't allow them, you can always turn to L.A. Girl! They don't smudge at all for me. However, do take note that they did smudge for a friend of mine. Hmmm...)

Oh yeah. One other thing that I want to mention is that I love their wide array of resplendent colours! I know, you must be thinking "NO WAY am I gonna have that crazy bright aqua-blue on my eyes!" but you SHOULD try! Every Singaporean lady out there has black-lined eyes and it's so mundane! You don't have to go blue for the entire eye, if you're a tad shy. Try black eyeliner on top and that crazy bright colour that you never-in-your-life-think-of-trying at the bottom! To me, makeup isn't just about being pretty. It's about being bold and fun! And it's probably why I LOVE Urban Decay so much!

Working ladies can try Oil Slick (Black with silver glitters) or Bourbon (Brown with gold glitters), instead of boring old black. (There's a darker brown but I can't remember the name right now.) And for ladies who are still schooling, go crazy with the colours! For me, I like to sport Midnight Cowboy on my eyelids, lined with Binge on school days. (:

I have to work today so I'm heading to bed now. But I want to share Urban Decay's slogan with you.

'Beauty with an edge.'.

Remember that. (:

(Someone mentioned that I should be an Urban Decay promoter. Haha! I wish!!! But then again, I don't agree with all their products. Clean and Sober does such a lousy job in removing their OWN eyeliners and it stings and stinks!!! And I don't like the feel of the Surreal Skin Cream to Powder Foundation. Guess I'll be given the sack the moment customers ask me about said products. HAHA. So that means I can only be Urban Decay's Eye Products promoter. HAHAHA. Okay, I'm being crappy. Heh.)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

UPDATES: I'm still alive!

Hey all! (:

I am terribly sorry for neglecting this blog! Work has consumed me. Ugh. When I get back from work, it's already past 11 and I have to hit the sack straightaway because there's work the next day. And on my off days, I'm busy replying my emails, checking on school stuff, attempting to revise my French and Japanese (Attempts which have failed, by the way.), catching up on my American dramas, reading my books, meeting friends yada yada yada. ): But it's a job that I prayed for since the start of the year, whilst planning for my summer vacation (HAHA. I know, way too early. But... It's always fun to plan your hols! Even though the plans always fall through. Haha.). And God gave that job to me, so I'm incredibly grateful (Really, even though I complained a lot about how tiring it is.)

Anyway, I will be reviewing products from Urban Decay (GAWD. I LOVEEE URBAN DECAY!!!), Maybelline New York, Bare Minerals and Too Faced in the days to come. Some won't be accompanied by pictures because I don't own the products but just got a chance to try them. Do let me know the stuff that you want to know in a review. I know my reviews have been really long because I practically just ramble. Heh. I will try to make it as succinct as possible. (:

I will be editing my old entries too with some updates about the products after using more of them. Will let you know which ones are updated then and post a brief entry on the 'Edits' so you don't have to scour for them.

Meanwhile, have a good weekend (The GSS has officially begun!). Catch you guys tonight!

Monday, May 24, 2010

HAUL: Watsons' Member-Only Preview Event (Part 2)

1. Maybelline New York's Cream Gel Eyeliner by Eyestudio in 01 Black, 02 Brown, S09 Purple ($19.90/ $14.32)
I have seen these gel eyeliners around but I didn't think much of them because Maybelline's eye pencils suck very badly for me (I have to tug it at my skin very hard! Even then, the colour doesn't come out smooth at all. Ugh.). Also, I always use pencil eyeliners (Go to URBAN DECAY for the best pencil eyeliners!!!). Anyway, my friend, Dorcas, raved about it on Twitter and did a review and I was sold. Previously, Dorcas used M.A.C (Always!). She won't stand for products which are junk, so if she says something is good, it IS good.

As I own a gazillion eyeliners, I didn't pick them out until the Watsons' Sale. Only the purple one wasn't discounted.

2. Maybelline New York's B.B Cream ($16.90/ $12.17)
I have been using this for the past 2 days now. Though I have read reviews that claim that it's a fantastic product, I can't say the same for myself. It's just like any other B.B cream to me.

Brightens skin: B.B cream is supposed to come in a universal colour which matches everyone's skin. But that's not true. It comes in a light shade and that is what is giving you that brightening or whitening effect. At least that's what I think it is. I mean, why else would the new B.B creams have different shades when the original one is touted to suit all skin shades? Hmmm... Anyway, yes, this does brighten/ whiten up your skin because it's one shade lighter than my skin.
Covers imperfection: Not really. Coverage is minimal. Though it's supposed to reduce the appearance of pores and skin redness disappears, my pores are still as visible as when my skin is naked and parts of my face which are red still remains red.
Moisturizes + Protects: Usually my cheek areas can get a little dry but with this, they don't. So yay here! I can't say much about the protecting bit because there's no way to measure it.

I won't repurchase this again, because it's small, expensive and it's just like any other B.B cream to me.

3. Eucerin's Dermo Purifyer Cream-Gel ($25.70/ $18.50)
When I was in my early teens (Seems like aeons ago...), I suffered from very bad acne. I chanced upon this product from Neutrogena which contained Salicylic Acid (2%, I think.). It was a night treatment and it cleared up my skin wonderfully. BUT when I wanted to repurchase it again, I realized that they didn't stock up on it anymore! I was crazy upset because other over-the-counter products just messed up my skin.

Anyway, I went to the dermatologist eventually and my skin cleared up. However, late nights and stress can cause breakouts so I was pretty happy to see this when I was doing one of my usual rounds at Watsons (Haha! Watsons' personal surveyor.).

This doesn't contain Salicylic Acide but Lactic Acid. It doesn't fight zits as well as the Neutrogena one but it does a pretty splendid job in maintaining my skin and I wake up to well-moisturized skin. (: I have been using this for about 2-3 years now. (They have undergone some repackaging.)

EDIT// The Neutrogena product that I was talking about is now called Neturogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control, 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment. Pretty sure this isn't available in Singapore but I haven't been to the Neutrogena bar for quite some time now.

4. EcoTOOLS' Powder Brush ($17.90)
I have some other EcoTOOLS' brushes. They are very soft and best of all, environmentally friendly! (: This wasn't discounted either.

5. Blistex's Lip Protectant/ Sunscreen SPF 15 in Raspberry Lemonade Blast ($4.50/ $3.24)
Prettiest, best-smelling lip (Smells just like rasberry and lemons!) balm that I have ever owned. I am onto my 2nd tube already! (: You don't feel a layer on your lips after applying it, unlike Burt's Bees.

6. Kao Bioré's Bioré Facial Form Scrub ($5.95)
I used this last year. I won't say that it's a very good scrub but it does its job; smooth and moisturized skin.
Before this, I was using the St. Ives's Blemish & Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub. I like that a lot! It contains 2% Salicylic Acid. But there wasn't any tube left on the day of the sale. ):

7. Maybelline New York's Hydra Boost (GWP)
This came free with purchase of $40 or more ($30-$39 gets you the makeup remover.). I haven't got much expectations for this product because Maybelline's a makeup brand and not a skincare one (For skincare products, go to a brand that started out as a skincare one. They will have years of 'experience'. All these ventures... Nuh uh. I don't trust them at all.). Still, I will see how it goes...

8. Himalaya Naturals' Purifying Neem Face Wash, Neem Face Pack and Nourishing Skin Cream (GWP)
This was the mystery goodie bag that came with an expenditure of more than $150. I have used one of their products for acne but it wasn't effective at all.

Phew! What a long entry! I did tons of editing (Can't seem to string sentences properly. Work is really hellishly tiring.) so it took quite a while to get this done. If you need any more information, just leave a comment and I will get back to you asap. (:

Sunday, May 23, 2010

REVIEW: Sephora Collection's Nail Patch

I hate painting my nails because it's such a chore. There's the whole buff-till-your-nails-are-as-smooth-as-a-baby's-butt-base-coat-nail-polish-top-coat business (And I know there's the cuticle oil, nail moisturizer and what nots.),  the waiting time and then, if you accidentally touch it when it hasn't dried yet... Hoo boy! I will just clean off the whole darn thing when that happens. So I was real thrilled to discover Sephora Collection's Nail Patch (I still want pretty nails, despite all the trouble!) and got a chance to try them out today! (:


Basically, the Nail Patch is a stick-on. There are 2 sheets, each with 8 patches of different sizes.

Step 1: Pick a suitable size for your nail. Tear it out from the sheet and pull off the clear protective strip.
Step 2: Place the rounded side at the nail base and smooth onto the nail. (Remember to start from the bottom!!! Then, slowly smooth it outwards and upwards.)
Step 3: Remove the excess by pulling the sticker downwards, using the edge of your nail as a guide.

Buffing before sticking the nail patches on prevents little bubbles from forming as it smoothens out the surface of your nail. You can add a top coat to your nails after you're done to protect them. A base coat is not necessary but if you want, go ahead. (: These can last for about 2 weeks (Mine's coming off already because I have been working, opening and closing stuff. Ugh. ):) They can be removed easily with the traditional nail polish remover.

The one that a friend picked out for me has a glossy, shimmery finish. People who saw my nails commented that the nail polish didn't look fake. Lol. You know how you can peel off certain kids' nail polishes and you get the entire polish out without it breaking? I think that the patches actually use the same chemicals as those polishes.

The same friend did my nails for me, using both his hands. I reckon it will be quite a task to accomplish if you're on your own (It's gonna be quite a job sticking on the patches as close to the nail base as possible!). Also, you can't get to every corner and edge of the nail, especially the nail base, since all these patches have standard sizes.

No waiting will be needed because these patches do not need to dry (They are already dried!). However, the entire duration (for the nail-painting business) may still remain the same, if not longer, because you definitely need some practice in positioning the patch precisely at the nail base. Once you master it, it will be pretty fast though! My friend actually did mine in slightly under 5 minutes!

The nail patches cost $17.00 at Sephora. However, right now, Sephora's having an offer where 2 go for $20. (: Without the offer, it is rather hefty, I must say because you can get an express manicure (Quick buffing and nail painting) for $5.00 easily. But these patches are definitely good for those who hate to wait (Like yours truly. Ahem.).

Oh! Another brownie point goes to the fact that for those who love dark nails, these won't leave a stain if you forget your base coat (Oh, the gazillion things we have to remember!)! (:


Thursday, May 20, 2010

EOTD: Deep Browns

Urban Decay's Primer Potion (Original)
NYX's Eyeshadow (03 Nude/ Taupe/ Dark Brown)
Bourjois' Liner Effect Waterproof Mascara (Noir)
Quick updates! I got the job! (: Yay to moolah! I'll update the haul post once I have the time. Even though it's summer break right now, there are still a gazillion things to do and so little time for them. ):
Oh! Sorry that the picture *points above* is so grainy! I'm still trying to figure out how to use the camera. Charlene and technology so do NOT go together. /:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

HAUL: Watsons' Member-Only Preview Event (Part 1)

I bought a lot of other stuff but they are non-beauty related. Will update this with another entry listing the products' prices and details. Meanwhile, I got to hit the sack. Got an interview to nail tomorrow. EEPS. :\

And look at what came in the mail today!

Bought it from Jasmine. (: It's sooo puny!!! But very, very cute! Actually, I think companies should make their cosmetics in 2 sizes; sample sizes and the full ones. I mean, how many times have we burned our pockets for some product which didn't suit us?!? Agree???

Alright, bed-bed-bedtime for me now! Heh.

REVIEW: M.A.C's Just A Pinch Gel Blush

M.A.C's Just A Pinch Gel Blush is from the A Rose Romance Collection. I managed to get my hands on it from a livejournal seller for around $30.

Gel blushes are supposed to be easier to work with than stains. They don't dry as fast, giving you plenty of time to blend. Just A Pinch Gel Blush comes in a very (very) small tub. I know the red looks really bright and frigtening but just like the Stila's Convertible Color, when blended out, it's a whole different story. (:

The gel comes out very moist. Unlike the Stila's one, 1 dab won't cut it. You need about 2-3 dabs before the colour shows up on your skin. It gives you a very flushed girlish look, like you're blushing. Blending becomes an easy task because you don't have to race against the clock, unlike stains. It doesn't really show in the photo but this stain is actually redder and brighter than the Stila's one.

However, the staying power isn't as fabulous as Stila's. Also, t comes off easily when you rub your cheeks.

Still, I love this product tons because of its colour. (:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

REVIEW: Kao's Bioré UV Perfect Face Milk

Sunscreen is essential in protecting our skin, especially with the ever-worsening situation of globalwarming and sun rays reaching us stronger and fiercer. Even though I reside in a country where it's summer all year round (Sad, I know. But hey, there are perks to it. (: ), I never thought of applying sunscreen or sunblock on my face except when I went swimming because I always ended up so white. Also, I hate feeling stuff on my face and sunscreen/ sunblock never fails to make their presence known. It makes my skin feel so uncomfortable and suffocated. :\

But the weather here has been getting hotter and I have been spending an awful lot of time under the sun. So I decided to get one and my friend suggested Bioré UV Perfect Face Milk. She was telling me it was very good, that she doesn't feel it on her face at all... I was skeptical but I needed one so I got it.

There are 3 different types on the market meant specifically for the face; Perfect, Bright and Moist. From Kao's website, just a brief description...

Perfect: Absorbs oil to keep skin matte and shine-free.
Bright: Has light correction powder to cover pores and brighten up skin.
Moist: Keeps skin moist, smooth and supple.

They all offer SPF50+/ PA+++ UV protection and can be used as a makeup base. I got mine in Perfect.

Perfect comes out as a white liquid and gosh! Does it blend out nicely! Just like what Bioré says it is, it is indeed lightweight and non-sticky. It dries to a matte, powdery kind of finish. There are no ugly white streaks and it isn't the least bit oily. I don't feel it on my face at all! Plus, it offers such a high SPF! Yay!!! (:
However, the oil-absorbing isn't all that great. At the end of the day, my T-zone still gets oily. But blotting (the oil) off settles the problem easy peasy so yes, I will definitely repurchase this once I'm done with it. (:

I got mine from Watsons at $10.20, after 20% discount.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

REVIEW: Stila's Convertible Color (Orchid)

Besides being a mascara fanatic, I'm also a lip/ cheek stain maniac. *guilty smile* I have Benefit's Benetint, Benefit's Benetint Lip Balm, M.A.C's Just A Pinch Gel Blush, The Body Shop's Lip & Cheek Stain, was an ex-owner of Etude House's Fresh Cherry Lip Tint... And yours truly has only 2 cheeks. *GLOOM* Anyway, as I was saying, Stila has my heart where lip/ cheek stains are concerned (Yay Stila!). (:

Stila's Convertible Color can be used on both the lips and cheeks (Yay for multi-tasking products!). They have 9 shades altogether, which can be viewed here. The one that I have is in Orchid and as far as I know, has been discontinued (Why is it that all good stuff always bites the dust?!? Makeup brands, hello?!? ): ). It wasn't available in their regular line up but came with the Stila's Step Out and Shine Color Collection and Handbag Gift Set for Stila's Holiday Collection 2008.

The Convertible Color comes in a pretty metallic dull pink casing. It comes with a handy dandy mirror. Packaging wise, it's alright. I mean no one likes dipping their fingers into products, especially one that is a stain because it stays on your finger all day (YES! This product's staying power is a-a-amazing! More on that later!). But I can't think of any other packaging that it can be in... Tube?!? That will be weird, alright.

The colour looks crazy deep, dark, intense, scary blah blah blah... but I swear to you that it isn't! (Sorry that the product doesn't look very good above! Have been using it for a while now.)

When blended out on the cheeks, it gives you a really nice, natural rosy hue. It's like the oh!-I-just-came-back-from-my-jog kind of girlish look. Which is a look that I think all girls should sport because it's so healthy! And girlish! Haha. Okay, that's what I think anyway.

When I have school, after moisturizer and sunscreen, I will usually apply mascara and then dab two spots of the convertible colour on my cheeks and blend, blend, blend (Yes, I don't use foundation, concealer and all that jazz because I seriously think that Singapore's weather will just melt them all away into one big gooey mess. I know it's not true but I still think this way. Haha. Okay, irrational much. Ahhh... Foundation just makes my skin feel so suffocated. ): ).

I put this on at 6am in the morning and when I come home at around 8pm, it's still there!!! (: It doesn't make my cheeks itch (Unlike Benetint! I wanted so much to like it but just as well. It's so hellishly expensive!). It's waterproof (Cry as much as you want and you still have pretty rosy cheeks! Even though if you're crying, your face will be very red already and I shouldn't sound so happy about having pretty cheeks when one is CRYING... Haha. Okay, you get the picture. It only comes off with makeup remover.). It doesn't come off if you happen to rub your cheeks (Unlike M.A.C's Just A Pinch Gel Blush.). And seriously, just 2 dabs are all that you need and so, the product is gonna last you a very, very long time.

I haven't tried it on my lips yet because I think all stains, no matter what the brand says, are very drying on (lips) so I can't say much for the lip usage.

Even though this particular shade has been discontinued (I got mine from a livejournal seller), it is available in the Step out and Shine Color Collection on (:

P.S.: Do note to apply this first before putting on your foundation!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

REVIEW: Bourjois Paris' Liner Effect Waterproof Mascara (Noir)

I have never thought of buying Bourjois' stuff because... Well, just because. They have this mini series which are really cute and I'm very tempted to own them all but as we all know packaging lies. Anyway, while doing my usual round of aimless surfing, I changed upon Beauty On The Way and there's this amazing entry on mascaras. After reading it, I was like "I HAVE to purchase the Bourjois' one!" (Yes, I'm still very much on my mascara craze.).

I got myself the waterproof one and in black, of course. Haha. They have it in blue and brown as well but those aren't waterproof.

There are 2 sides to the brush; one with short bristles and the other with long ones. According to Bourjois' website, you are supposed to

Step 1: Use long bristles to stretch the mascara formula from root to tip. Intensely lengthens lashes without clumping.
Step 2: Use short bristles to deposit formula at the base of the lashes, emphasising roots for a liner effect. It will look as though you have used a pencil khol in the inside rim of your lashes, without the hassle!
And guess what?!?

It is exactly as it says it is!!! *am on cloud 9* What I do is that I use the long bristles, the short ones and then, the long ones again. Some people have issues with the long bristles because they find them far too long for comfort and too spiky. I completely agree with them because the bristles ain't soft, oh no. You have to be extra careful when using it. But I find that it is the long bristles that makes certain that lashes do not clump together. Of all my mascaras, this is the one that separates lashes BEST!

The long bristles also make application for the lower lashes easier. As they are long, you can actually pinpoint the brush exactly where the lower lashes are at. With my other mascaras, I hardly ever use them on my lower lashes because they always get onto the skin and it's a pain to clean them off. Also, with other mascaras, I have to ensure that the brushes don't have too much mascara on them (before applying to my lower lashes) because they cause the (lower) lashes to clump horribly together and everything becomes this huge mess (Okay, not a HUGE mess per se. But you know what I mean, if you have your foundation, concealer etc. on and you get mascara on your undereye... You have to do the whole touching up business after you clean it off). But for the Liner Effect, I don't really have to take care of that because the bristles are so long. Clumping is almost (I say 'almost' because nothing is perfect.) history!

Anyway, after trying the mascara out for the first time, I decided to test its waterproof ability and so I ran the second episode of 'Ghost Whisperer'. As like the first one, I bawled my eyes out. The mascara did stay on BUT I found little flakes of it on my undereye. This didn't happen with my Majolica Majorca's one. Since I don't cry or swim or let my eyes come into contact with water often, this little flaw doesn't take many, in fact any, brownie points away from it. (:

I got mine from BHG, which is currently having a 20% discount, at $19.20. The usual price of the Bourjois' Liner Effect is $24.

P.S.: Crazy sorry for such a lengthy review but I really, really do LOVE this mascara! *regrets buying backups of MM's mascaras*

EDIT// I have noticed a little bit of flaking and smudging at the end of the day. But these aren't enough to make me throw it out yet because it really is the most fabulous mascara that I have at lengthening, volumizing and separating the eyelashes.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

REVIEW: Skinfood's Carrot Toner and Carrot Emulsion

Of all the Korean brands that are available in Singapore, I have always been interested in Skinfood and not so much the rest. Somehow, I have this weird idea that Skinfood's the best (out of all the Korean brands in Singapore). Mum and Jules spent a week in Korea somewhere in March so I, of course, asked them to pick up some stuff for me. *grins* They came back with (almost) everything that was on my list plus a TON of samples (SIGH. Why don't we see this in Singapore?!?). According to Jules, competition among the beauty brands are so fierce that they give out lots of samples to customers.

The Carrot Gift Set was one of the samples that I received. It contains the Carrot Toner and Carrot Emulsion. I have been using them for 3 days now and decided to do a mini review (so as to revive this blog. Lol.). I tried to search for the benefits of this skincare line but all that I found was this:

'A toner/ an emulsion that is formulated without the 7 ingredients for the health of your skin and contains the nutrient-enriched extract of organic carrots grown in pure water from Jeju Island.'

Right. Not exactly helpful. At all. So I can't do a proper review of it since I don't even know what's it's supposed to do. But I will just write about how I find it so far.

Both products smell of carrots. Obviously (Well, there are products that don't smell like what they say they will smell.). It's a very pleasant scent. Nothing too overpowering. The toner's transparent. It doesn't feel like there's any alcohol in it so that's good because alcohol dries your skin, no matter what people say about how effective it is in drying up zits. In the long run (if you use it as part of your daily regime), it's gonna backfire because fact is alcohol is drying. Very. The emulsion is a white cream. It isn't of thick consistency. Kinda watery, in my opinion but my skin absorbs it real easily. When I wake up in the morning, my skin feels moisturized. (:

Still, I can't say if I will buy this again since I have no idea at all as to what it's supposed to be doing to my skin. Will update this spot if I do find more information.

Note: This skincare line cannot be found on Singapore's Skinfood website. Hmmm... New, you think?
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