Wednesday, May 19, 2010

REVIEW: M.A.C's Just A Pinch Gel Blush

M.A.C's Just A Pinch Gel Blush is from the A Rose Romance Collection. I managed to get my hands on it from a livejournal seller for around $30.

Gel blushes are supposed to be easier to work with than stains. They don't dry as fast, giving you plenty of time to blend. Just A Pinch Gel Blush comes in a very (very) small tub. I know the red looks really bright and frigtening but just like the Stila's Convertible Color, when blended out, it's a whole different story. (:

The gel comes out very moist. Unlike the Stila's one, 1 dab won't cut it. You need about 2-3 dabs before the colour shows up on your skin. It gives you a very flushed girlish look, like you're blushing. Blending becomes an easy task because you don't have to race against the clock, unlike stains. It doesn't really show in the photo but this stain is actually redder and brighter than the Stila's one.

However, the staying power isn't as fabulous as Stila's. Also, t comes off easily when you rub your cheeks.

Still, I love this product tons because of its colour. (:

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