Sunday, May 23, 2010

REVIEW: Sephora Collection's Nail Patch

I hate painting my nails because it's such a chore. There's the whole buff-till-your-nails-are-as-smooth-as-a-baby's-butt-base-coat-nail-polish-top-coat business (And I know there's the cuticle oil, nail moisturizer and what nots.),  the waiting time and then, if you accidentally touch it when it hasn't dried yet... Hoo boy! I will just clean off the whole darn thing when that happens. So I was real thrilled to discover Sephora Collection's Nail Patch (I still want pretty nails, despite all the trouble!) and got a chance to try them out today! (:


Basically, the Nail Patch is a stick-on. There are 2 sheets, each with 8 patches of different sizes.

Step 1: Pick a suitable size for your nail. Tear it out from the sheet and pull off the clear protective strip.
Step 2: Place the rounded side at the nail base and smooth onto the nail. (Remember to start from the bottom!!! Then, slowly smooth it outwards and upwards.)
Step 3: Remove the excess by pulling the sticker downwards, using the edge of your nail as a guide.

Buffing before sticking the nail patches on prevents little bubbles from forming as it smoothens out the surface of your nail. You can add a top coat to your nails after you're done to protect them. A base coat is not necessary but if you want, go ahead. (: These can last for about 2 weeks (Mine's coming off already because I have been working, opening and closing stuff. Ugh. ):) They can be removed easily with the traditional nail polish remover.

The one that a friend picked out for me has a glossy, shimmery finish. People who saw my nails commented that the nail polish didn't look fake. Lol. You know how you can peel off certain kids' nail polishes and you get the entire polish out without it breaking? I think that the patches actually use the same chemicals as those polishes.

The same friend did my nails for me, using both his hands. I reckon it will be quite a task to accomplish if you're on your own (It's gonna be quite a job sticking on the patches as close to the nail base as possible!). Also, you can't get to every corner and edge of the nail, especially the nail base, since all these patches have standard sizes.

No waiting will be needed because these patches do not need to dry (They are already dried!). However, the entire duration (for the nail-painting business) may still remain the same, if not longer, because you definitely need some practice in positioning the patch precisely at the nail base. Once you master it, it will be pretty fast though! My friend actually did mine in slightly under 5 minutes!

The nail patches cost $17.00 at Sephora. However, right now, Sephora's having an offer where 2 go for $20. (: Without the offer, it is rather hefty, I must say because you can get an express manicure (Quick buffing and nail painting) for $5.00 easily. But these patches are definitely good for those who hate to wait (Like yours truly. Ahem.).

Oh! Another brownie point goes to the fact that for those who love dark nails, these won't leave a stain if you forget your base coat (Oh, the gazillion things we have to remember!)! (:


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