Sunday, May 30, 2010

REVIEW: Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils

Where to find: Sephora

Price: $30

The Good: Glides on very easily. Of creamy texture. Can be used as an eyeshadow when first applied (Just smudge it!). Let it sit for a minute or two and it will be completely waterproof and smudge-proof. Vibrant colours available. Safe for usage on the waterline and it stays on!

The Bad: The price. Sigh. But really, that's all!

If you have seen my Urban Decay collection post, you will know that I have more than these mere few colours (The above are Zero, Binge, Covet, Electric, Yeyo and Bourbon.) but these are the ones that I am currently using. (: Bourbon's my favourite but I think Covet's gonna replace it soon!

Anyway, when friends ask me about eyeliners, I practically scream "URBAN DECAY!!!" in their faces! That's because Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils are the BEST eyeliners that I have EVER owned. It's worth every single penny that I shell out for them. I have tried pencils from The Body Shop (My very first pencil when I was 16!), The Face Shop, ZA, Maybelline New York, Revelon, Silky Girl and Majolica Majorca and they all smudge on me, very badly (BOO to oily eyelids!). The only other brand that I go for for pencil eyeliners is L.A. Girl. They don't smudge on me and are dirt cheap but they aren't as creamy as Urban Decay's and they don't glide on as smoothly. I don't wanna end up with wrinkled eyelids just because I decide to colour them!

The price is a bit of a turn-off, especially when you're still schooling and taking pocket money from your parents. But like I said earlier, they are really worth it because you don't end up with eyes of a panda and you save yourself from all the worry of looking like one. (BUT if your pocket doesn't allow them, you can always turn to L.A. Girl! They don't smudge at all for me. However, do take note that they did smudge for a friend of mine. Hmmm...)

Oh yeah. One other thing that I want to mention is that I love their wide array of resplendent colours! I know, you must be thinking "NO WAY am I gonna have that crazy bright aqua-blue on my eyes!" but you SHOULD try! Every Singaporean lady out there has black-lined eyes and it's so mundane! You don't have to go blue for the entire eye, if you're a tad shy. Try black eyeliner on top and that crazy bright colour that you never-in-your-life-think-of-trying at the bottom! To me, makeup isn't just about being pretty. It's about being bold and fun! And it's probably why I LOVE Urban Decay so much!

Working ladies can try Oil Slick (Black with silver glitters) or Bourbon (Brown with gold glitters), instead of boring old black. (There's a darker brown but I can't remember the name right now.) And for ladies who are still schooling, go crazy with the colours! For me, I like to sport Midnight Cowboy on my eyelids, lined with Binge on school days. (:

I have to work today so I'm heading to bed now. But I want to share Urban Decay's slogan with you.

'Beauty with an edge.'.

Remember that. (:

(Someone mentioned that I should be an Urban Decay promoter. Haha! I wish!!! But then again, I don't agree with all their products. Clean and Sober does such a lousy job in removing their OWN eyeliners and it stings and stinks!!! And I don't like the feel of the Surreal Skin Cream to Powder Foundation. Guess I'll be given the sack the moment customers ask me about said products. HAHA. So that means I can only be Urban Decay's Eye Products promoter. HAHAHA. Okay, I'm being crappy. Heh.)

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