Sunday, June 20, 2010

HAUL: NARS' Blushers!!!

They came very neatly wrapped. A sample of Cetaphil's Daily Facial Moisturizer was included! Thanks Cherub's Lips for the awesome service!

Guess which blushers I got?!?

Orgasm (But of course!), Deep Throat and Dolce Vita!!! (: I'm way excited because these are first purchases from NARS!!! *beams*

This Chinese website has GORGEOUS swatches of NARS blushers. Now I'm coveting Mata Hari, Cactus Flower and Penny Lane!!! Should I get them?!?

What do you have from NARS?!?


  1. i have the infamous orgasm... just 1 item from nars (",) quite pleased with it.
    I'm eyeing like Angelika and Penny Lane though... shall see how it goes but i'm saving up for the MAC in the groove collection.

    oh, thanks for the link to the nars swatches. The swatches are really good, indeed!

  2. youngorgeous: Haha. Now I feel like Eve, with the forbidden fruits! :\

    hazelnutt: Haha. Penny Lane looks very pretty! I passed up on a spree for it though. SAVE MONEY! *carries on chanting* You're welcome! (:


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