Thursday, June 10, 2010

REVIEW: Kao's Bioré Hydra-Clear Makeup Remover

Ahhh! I am sooo excited about this post (because I'm loving this remover sooo much!)! And I had to post the swatches of the Urban Decay products before I could do this. Okay, okay! Onto the review!

I have always been a fan of Japanese stuff; Dramas, actors/ actresses, language, manga, anime and of course, beauty products!!! I used Kao Bioré's facial foams before and I loveee the smell and feel of them (BUT I always go back to Cetaphil. That's a story for another day!). Anyway, sometime last year, I was looking around for makeup removers. Before this, I used Olive oil but it give me milli seeds around my eye area. And before before that, I used removers from Neutrogena, Simple and the Body Shop. And I didn't like any of them. At all. They either sting or required lots of tugging at my skin.

Anyway, I spotted Kao Bioré's Bioré Hydra-Clear Makeup Remover and I like its description so I got it and guess what?!? I'M LOVING IT TA DA DA DA DA!!!

I hope the picture's clear enough for you to read the words. Basically, you pour an appropriate amount and use it on your dry face. And now, the reason as to why I had to do the entries on UD's products' swatches first is because of this...

Swatches of Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in Zero, Binge, Covet, Electric, Yeyo and Bourbon and Lipstick in Gash

With just a little of the remover on a cotton pad (I know we aren't supposed to use it with a cotton pad, but just for convenience's sake.)...

For those who have tried Urban Decay's Glide-On Eye Pencils, you know how difficult removing them can get! Urban Decay's Clean and Sober is completely useless against them. *shakes head* But the Kao Bioré's Bioré Hydra-Clear Makeup Remover removes them with so much ease! Also, this remover is incredibly gentle on my face and eyes. It doesn't sting at all and it doesn't leave a I-think-my-face-has-been-stripped-of-all-its-natural-oil kind of tight feeling! The scent is pleasant, not in the least bit overpowering. Also, a little goes a long way!

One downside is that this is useless when it comes to Majolica Majorca's mascaras. SIGH. Everything is useless when it comes to Majolica Majorca. However, recently, I read that Cleansing Express Cleansing Lotion does the trick so I may be getting that on my next trip to Watsons!

Kao Bioré's Bioré Hydra-Clear Makeup Remover can be found at Watsons. (:

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