Thursday, June 24, 2010

REVIEW: Majolica Majorca's Lash Bone and Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On

Where to find: Watsons

Price: $21+

What are they: A mascara primer and a mascara respectively.

The Good: The primer does its job, in lengthening our short Asian eyelashes. The mascara does give great volume.

The Bad: The primer contains white fibers and it's rather difficult (For impatient me.) trying to ensure that every single fiber is well-coated. The mascara clumps my lashes like there's no tomorrow. Both are a pain in the ass when it comes to removing!

Comments: I bought Majolica Majorca's Lash Bone and Lash Enamel Glamour Volume on earlier this year (They were mentioned in the very first entry of this blog!). I can't remember the prices but they are around 20 bucks plus each.

The Lash Bone is a primer. It contains white fibers to increase the length of our eyelashes. Majolica Majorca has since come up with one that has black fibers. I tried it during the Majolica Majorca's Chapter 26 Workshop (Facebook Invite.). Though the fiber are black, the substance or glue or whatever the liquid that the black fibers are swimming in is called comes out as grey on the lashes. Lotus Palace has some fab pictures of the primer (She did a review on it and the Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On too.).

The Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On is a lengthening and volumizing mascara. It is actually an updated version of the old Lash Enamel Glamour Neo, which many people like and which I didn't have a chance to try before it got replaced. ): The mascara wand is a double-sided comb, which allows you to choose the thickness of your lashes. The wide-toothed one gives thicker lashes than the fine-toothed side. The tip of the wand is to be swept sideways against your lower lashes.

My lashes kinda look fabulous in the picture above (HAHA! They look really crummy in reality. :\) but ummm... I hate both of them! As mentioned above, the primer's fibers are white and because I'm the world's most impatient girl on earth and am always finding myself in the need to hurry, ensuring that every fiber is coated with mascara is really annoying. Like seriously. UGH. And the mascara... DOUBLE UGHS. It clumps like there's no tomorrow! As the mascara contains fibers too, you get small tiny pieces of them sticking out at odd angles!!! I like my lashes CLEAN so this is a definite OUT for me. Ughhh.

Also (Oh gosh. My complaints are never-ending!), they are hell to remove!!! So far, Neutrogena's Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover (Recommended to me by Sara.) is the only one that can remove them COMPLETELY. And it takes a while. Big uh-uh for me.

That said, I know there are some people who love this mascara. I guess it requires practice (And I mean, a hell lot of it!) but ugh, I don't have the time for that and besides my Bourjois' Liner Effect Mascara works just fine! As for the primer, I have no use of it as well because my Bourjois one does an awesome job in lengthening (And separating!!!) my lashes.


  1. I have MM's Lash Enamel Glamour Neo which lengthens but has zero volume. And it's clumpy and a pain to remove. :(

  2. daphne87: Hey (: Ohhhh. Oh well. My Bourjois one does a fab job at lengthening! Anyway, I just updated the entry. I miss out on the removing bit. Heh. Try Neutrogena's Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover! (: Still takes quite a while though... :\

  3. Haha. Helloo. Yea, at that time, I was using olive oil to remove my eye makeup. The mascara is just sitting there. I can't bear to throw it away 'cause it's bought from Japan by my parents! I probably feel guilty. lol

  4. daphne87: Oh gosh! I wouldn't throw it away too. :\ Umm... Clean the inside and keep the bottle? Haha! Expired mascara smells right?!?

  5. I think so. Okay I just smelled it. It has expired. It was bought 2 years ago I think. lol. I'll keep it for the pretty packaging and guilty conscious. Haha.


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