Sunday, June 27, 2010

REVIEW: Revlon's ColorBurst Lipsticks (Soft Nude and Peach)

Where to find: Watsons

Price: $21.90/ $17.52

What are they: Lipsticks!

The Good: The lipsticks are weightless and very pigmented. Brilliant range of colours!

The Bad: They aren't very moisturizing.

Comments: I was looking for a peach lipstick, after seeing it on Felicia Chin in an advertisement (I'm still looking for it! It's a pale peach. Do you know of any brand?!?). I'm not a big fan of lipsticks because to me, lipsticks = working adults. :\ Usually, I wear just lipbalm alone, sometimes over lipstains. Anyway, I decided to check out Revlon's new range, ColorBurst. 2 colours caught my eyes instantly, since I already knew which colour I was looking for. They were Soft Nude and Peach.

I got Peach first. But it wasn't exactly the peach that I was looking for. It was far too dark so I got Soft
Nude to lighten it up. (: (It's still not the peach that I'm looking for though. ): )

NYX's Circe, Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick's Soft Nude and Peach

NYX's Circe was the only other nude lipstick that I have got, so I decided to swatch Circe and Soft Nude side-by-side so that I could compare them. NYX's Circe really makes me look sick, dead (When I wear Circe, I usually go over it with gloss.) but Soft Nude doesn't. (: The latter's a very light pinkish peach. Peach, on the other hand, is very peachy. Haha. It looks rather orange-y (No, not the bright kind. The darker kind.) on my lips. I like layering one on top of the other!

The lipsticks are also very light. My first encounter with lipstick was when I was 6. There was the graduation ceremony and I was involved in a dance item. I had on a bright red lipstick and gawd. It was so heavy and uncomfortable that I kept my mouth shut the entire time. During secondary school, I had dance performances too, and each time, I couldn't wait to wipe the lipsticks off! But these are really different. As aforementioned, I'm not much of a lipstick person. I think the last lipstick that I had was when I was 17. It was a nude colour from The Body Shop but I threw it out because it was so heavy on my lips. Ugh!!! But yes, the feeling that these lipsticks gives is like that of lipbalms'! Yay!!! So even though I am supposedly looking for peach, I want to try Blush and Mauve!!! But okay, maybe at the end of the year?!? I need to SAVE UP!!!

And so do you. Haha. XD


  1. I'm not a lipstick person too. YES WE NEED TO SAVE! But we save and then spend our savings = no more savings! A never ending cycle. lol

  2. daphne87: HAHAHAHA. Yeahhhh. We can comfort ourselves by reasoning that we are helping Singapore's economy. The stellar citizens that we are. Hehe! XD


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