Tuesday, June 29, 2010

REVIEW: Schwarzkopf's Gliss Hair Repair (Deep Repair 19)

Where to find it: Sasa, Carrefour (I'm not sure about Carrefour. Read it from Cozycot forum.)

Price: $12.90/ $10.30 (Sasa's 20% GSS Promo. Psst! Tomorrow's the last day!)

What is it: Hair treatment

The Good: OMG. Say hello to those commercial hair!!! It makes my hair super soft and smooth. Completely tangle-free and it reduces my hair breakage drastically (Before this, I was dropping lots of hair!!! I contemplated going to the doctor because it's so darn worrying! I mean, I just entered adulthood and I'm losing hair?!? But anyway, WOHOO! Now I don't have to! *dances*) Oh, oh! Smells HEAVENLY too!

The Bad: The name!!! I can't prononunce it to save my life! Haha. Nah, I haven't got any problems with it but some people find it too waxy.

Comments: My L'Oreal Professional Series Expert Absolut Repair was finishing (It has already finished. ): But fear not! Schwarzkopf to the rescue!!!) so I was on the lookout for a new hair treatment. Before I go into the review, let me give you a brief background of my hair in the last year. As my hair was the wiry sort and as fussy ol' me wanted to keep long hair, I rebonded my hair once every 4-5 months since June/ July 2008. Yes, you can imagine how fried my dumb hair was. Also, I dyed my hair twice recently. Remember in a recent haul post I got Liese's Bubble Hair Color in Chestnut Brown? Okay, super duper long story but the gist is that *takes a deep Breath* I excitedly went into the loo after I got it, spent a good hour in there, emerged excitedly from the toilet only to find out that ONLY MY CROWN was dyed brown!!! Can you picture it?!? Top brown, bottom black (Or dark brown. I dyed it last year with Revlon's Dark Brown.)! *suffers from a cardiac arrest* Anyway, I got Revlon's Soft Black the next day and yay! Now I have normal-looking hair!!! But imagine just how dry my hair was after that. *shudders*

I was browsing Cozycot forums and someone (prettyeagle, I think.) mentioned about this hair treatment. She said that it could be found at Carrefour. But I wasn't going to Suntect just to get it (Nuh-uh, don't like Suntec. Plaza Singapura too. Okay, totally irrelevant.). So anyway, I was running all over Tampines with my ugly dual-toned hair trying to find Beauteen's Asian Black (Does anyone know if they still stock up on this shade?!? I couldn't find it anywhere!!! Yes, my original hair colour's jet black. Courtesy of Dad. But you know, black-haired people wants brown hair. Brown-haired people wants black, a.k.a. my sister. Straight-haired people wants curls and curly-haired people wants straight yada yada yada. And oh! Guardian's Liese is 2 bucks cheaper than that of Watsons'.) when I spotted this at Sasa. I think it's slightly more expensive than the Carrefour's one but if you count travelling expenses, it's more or less the same. I got it because it was cheap, compared with the L'Oreal's one (But okay, this is much smaller.), there was a 20% discount (I know, so auntie right?!?).

After dying my hair a 2nd time, I took a huge gunk of this, layered it all over my hair and prayed desperately to God that it would work. And wohoo!!! It did (Thanks Dad in Heaven!!!)!!! My hair felt incredibly soft! After I washed off the dye, I barely run my fingers through my hair, even though I was running water through it (Hmmm... Do you get me?) because it was so darn tangled. But after this, you bet I could!!! I was way over the moon!

Then, I was afraid that it would turn dry the moment I blew dry my hair. But it didn't!!! And then I realized that I only dropped 2 strands of hair!!! Before this, I was dropping a hell lot. Gran used to say that you'll drop tons of hair if you eat salty stuff. But I don't. I think. Except for the occasional cup noodles. So I reckon it's the way I treat my hair. As I am ALWAYS late and thus, in a frenzy, I just towel-dry my hair super rougly, blow it dry and then, get the fork and tug and tug at all the tangles. I still do the same thing now (I know. I WILL change! Pinky promise... To whoever who wants to pinky promise me! Haha.) but the thing is that my hair's so smooth that there are hardly any tangles. And even if that wasn't the root of the problem, hair breakage has seriously been reduced for me!!!

You know the Facebook's 'Like' button?!? I will click that a gazillion times for this product!!! Hehe. Go get it!!! Seriously!!! (I got 2 more tubs for myself and one more for my sister. (: )

Tip: After shampooing and conditioning your hair, rinse it was warm water. Apply the hair treatment and leave it in for 5 minutes. Rinse it off with COLD water.

Okay, another crazy long-winded review. Heh. I hope this review and product really help you! If you have any questions, just leave a comment. (:


  1. Wow, what a review. I'm too lazy to do any hair treatment, even though my mum has one from L'Oreal. Why was your crown dyed brown only?! Oh and my hair is jet black too! ^5

  2. daphne87: I have no idea!!! Haha. Maybe the dye wasn't enough because my hair's pretty long?!? But still, the bottom bits should have some of the dye... Haha. Oh well. BLACK HAIR ROCKS *draws big, huge stars*!!! Haha!


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