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REVIEW: Urban Decay's Face Products

I have been an Urban Decay 'model' for a couple days now, as part of my job. So basically I have tried most of Urban Decay's products. I will be doing a quick review on them (In parts; Face, eyes etc.). Unfortunately, photos will not be accompanied as I only got a chance to try them. I do own some of the products, so please do let me know if you want photos. (: Here goes...

All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray
I got to try this today! After spraying 2 big 'X's across my already made-up face, my skin felt incredibly smooth and moisturized. Initially, I thought that it would mess up my makeup but it didn't and there was no yucky feeling at all. Instead, it was re-re-refreshing!!! I didn't get a chance to test the 16 hours claim, but after 3 hours, my face was just like when my makeup was first applied. Unfortunately, I had to wash off my makeup after that. I'm eager to try the others and will probably end up buying one of them!

24/7 Concealer
This is very creamy and goes on very smoothly on the skin. Quite like the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils. Coverage is very good. I won't buy this, however, because the Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup is enough for me! (:

Baked Bronzer
I prefer Too Faced's Pink Leopard and Snow Bunny. This goes on too dark for my liking. And I think the cupcake packaging (No matter how much I LOVE cupcakes.) is a friggin' huge wastage.

Clean and Sober (OWNED)
I HATE THIS. I hate the smell. I hate that it stings my eyes and most importantly, I hate the fact that it doesn't remove makeup effectively. POO-I! (My skin does feel soft after usage though. BUT this isn't reason enough to make me want to ever repurchase this.)

Complexion Primer Potion - Brightening/ Pore Perfecting
The brightening is a tad shimmery (to give the brightening effect) and is more suitable for normal to dry skin. Pore perfecting, on the other hand, is for oily skin. It goes onto the skin matte. I tried both. I had the Surreal Skin Cream to Powder Foundation applied to my face after that. I'm not sure of it's because the primers are lousy or because the foundation sucks so badly but my skin is evidently oily after an hour. The foundation cakes too and I'm not sure if it's because of the primers. But I have seen customers who applied the Pore Perfecting Primer Potion over their makeup and those spots become matte very quickly. Either way, I won't buy this because I rarely wear foundation and have the De-Slick Mattifying Powder to save me from oil drown-age.

De-Slick Mattifying Powder (OWNED)
I have this since last year and it smells lovely (One wonders WHY this smells so good, whereas Clean and Sober stinks when BOTH are supposed to be lavender-flavoured.). The powder does not leave my face white. You don't have to powder much. A little goes on a long way. A dab here and there and my face becomes prettily matte. The puff provided is a flimsy one though and there's no replacements for that. Anyway, I hardly use this because I'm far too lazy. Half the time, I just grab a tissue and dab away any oiliness. So this poor little thing is sitting on my shelf, all sad and lonely.

De-Slick in a Tube
It comes out gel-like and it makes the face matte instantly. A colleague of mine had some trouble using it. Remember to DAB this on your skin and not rub it in because, then you get eraser dust-like stuff. This can be used under and over makeup. I, however, prefer the powder form. Gel over makeup, even if you're dabbing it on, just seems strange. The spray sounds better too.

Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Finishing Powder (OWNED)
I LOVE THIS! This is supposed to have some optic-blurring effect and yes, it does give my face a very soft look. Also, there is supposed to have some 'water bubbles bursting on the surface' feeling. I don't literally feel it but it is re-re-refreshing!!! I will definitely get this again!

Surreal Skin Cream to Powder Foundation (OWNED)
DISLIKE. HATE. DETEST. All words of dislike, all range are reserved for this products. I hate how it goes on to my face and boy, does it cake!!! EEE YUCKS! My face goes all oily after a while too! I won't recommend this to ANYONE!

Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup (OWNED)
Words of love for this. Haha. I have this in Illusion and it matches my colour perfectly. It doesn't oxidise into an orange hue like Rimmel London's and I do believe that it actually helps treat the skin. Usually, late nights and fatigue mess up my face. (I tried Bare Minerals once and gawd, I broke out in little, tiny zits all over my forehead and cheek. Ughhh. I know of one other person who broke out and you can go check out reviews too. That said, Bare Minerals has worked well for many others. One good thing is that the brand has MANY shades so you will definitely have one that matches your colour perfectly! Do get a sample first and test it out before making the jump to purchase the full-sized thing!). I have been managing 4-5 hours of sleep on weekdays but my skin's still looking good. Of course, I slather on lots of Eucerine's Purifyer Cream-Gel but I do believe the foundation has a part to play too!

Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20
This tinted moisturizer goes on very light. Perfect for those who only need a light coverage and find it too troublesome for the whole moisturizer-sunscreen-THEN-foundation business (I think the SPF is low though, for Singapore.). Quite a lot was applied on my face but I don't have that my-skin-can't-breathe feeling on my face. It felt very good actually, even on my T-zone area. I didn't have my makeup longer than 3 hours so I can't attest to its staying power. Nevertheless, this seems a good buy!

Urban Decay at Sephora ION will be having makeup demonstrations tomorrow afternoon! Do go down to take a look, especially the Summer Love Nail Kit is absolutely gorgeous! The palette's so-so if you have the Ammo one. Seriously, if you want a good basic palette from Urban Decay, just get the Ammo one (I have seen all the palettes that are available in Singapore so many times that I'm crazy familiar with them.)!

Anyway, I do have a haul post coming up soon. And yes, you guess it! They are ALL Urban Decay products. Hahaha.

Till the next entry, happy shopping! (:

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