Wednesday, June 9, 2010

REVIEW: Urban Decay's Lipstick (Gash)

Got this a few weeks back. Previously, I used lip stains (which are of a girlish, cheery red) or just went out with my naked lips. BUT after watching 'The Vampire Diaries' and 'True Blood' (LOL! Anyone who's a fan of these 2 shows?!?), I had been wanting to try a deep red lipstick. And because I am such a big Urban Decay fanatic, their lipsticks were, of course, the first that I checked out. Gash caught my eye instantly (along with Apocalypse, Buzzkill, Confession, Gravity, Vinyl, Voodoo, Wanted... HAHAHA.). I wasn't willing to invest in a full-sized one because I'm really not a lipstick girl. So when Jasmine had this on her sales post, I commented for it and got it for $5.50.

And I have no idea why I just told you that story. Lol. Okay, onto the swatch!!!

On Urban Decay's website, it is described as 'blood red'. But seriously, I do not see anything 'blood red' about it. To me, it's more of a berry colour. And even then, it's not exactly very deep. (Sorry UD!) Still, I'm liking it quite a bit because it's a different look for me! (: Also, the lipstick isn't very thick so my lips don't feel yucky! Yay! (:

OH! Here's a quick tip which I picked up during my (very short. Yes, I have called it quits.) stint. Notice that Sephora Singapore doesn't carry any of Urban Decay's blushes? What a pity, isn't it?!? Well, you can just use their lipsticks as a substitute! Swipe some of the lipstick on your finger (Try Sellout, Naked, Wanted or Lovechild!) and DAB it on your cheeks!!! (:


  1. looks good! wear it and take a pic!

  2. youngorgeous: Yes, it does!!! Ehhh... I'm really camera-shy. But if I do get a good shot, I'll post it up! (:


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