Monday, June 14, 2010

SPOTTED: Oshimatsubaki Hair Care Series' Camellia Hair Care Oil

I'm not sure if you know of the brand Tsubaki. It's actually a line of hair products that is produced by Shiseido. Tsubaki is the Japanese name for the Camellia flower and is the key ingredient of Tsubaki. I used to have very wiry wavy hair (Thanks to Dad. Haha. No, I LOVE YOU DAD!!!) so it was always so incredibly huge. Dad used to say that I had a mane -_-||| (Hello Daddy. It's YOUR hair! And I still love you!!!). And it got worse when I tried to grow my hair out. So I got it rebonded a couple of times and of course, it got damaged. The ends were completely fried (But, hey! At least my hair was flat and not poofy!) and my hair was just disastrous.

But anyway, to cut the long story short, I found Tsubaki whilst surfing online and decided to get it. And GOSH!!! My hair became sooo incredibly soft after using it. No longer wiry!!! Nuh uh! *MEGAWATT SMILE* I used the red series initially but I think that hasbeen phased out. So the white one is currently sitting happily in my loo.

And oh wait! This isn't a review about Tsubaki! Lol!

After my aerobics class, I decided to pay Watsons darling a visit (I haven't visited her since the sale!). I was working around, toying with the idea of buying DIY hair dye when I spotted this:

This is 100% natural Camellia flower oil! I have never seen this brand (Oshimatsubaki) before but since its only ingredient is Camellia seed oil, I decided to get it (Instead of hair dye. Healthier choice, I must say!).

It comes in 40ml and 60ml and there's also the hair spray (Camellia Oil in Water), which contained many other ingredients (So that it comes out as a spray and not globs of oil?!?). I decided to get the 40ml one because it was the cheapest and also, because I wanted to see how it went first. And let me tell you, this 40ml bottle is gonna last me a crazy long time!

The oil is odourless and you only need a maximum of 3 drops (Short hair, 1. Medium hair, 2. Long hair, 3.). Take care not to put too much lest your hair gets greasy.

Instructions on the different usages of the oil are provided; 'Leave in function', 'Pre-style function', 'Damage hair repair function' and 'Scalp repair function'.

Starting from tonight onwards, I'll be applying this everyday to my hair and I'll see how it goes. (:

This can be found at Watsons. Prices are as follow:

Camellia Hair Care Oil 40ml: $18.90
Camellia Hair Care Oil 60ml: $26+
Camellia Hair Oil in Water 150ml: $21+

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