Monday, June 21, 2010

UPDATES: *sniffs*

Oh gosh. I found out through Sophia's website that icefrost's holding sprees for Barry M Cosmetics and NARS Cosmetics (Sprees close at 11pm! Hurry over now!) so I spent my Sunday and the better part of today looking at swatches. After much 'researching', I decided on

Barry M Cosmetics
Blusher (Strawberry)
Lip Paint (Peachy Pink)

NARS Cosmetics
Cream Blush (Cactus Flower)
Cream Blush (Penny Lane).

So after my Aerobics class, I excitedly hurried over to the ATM (No iBanking for me lest I go bankrupt.) and then... I WALKED AWAY and bought a cup of bubble tea (Peach-flavoured... Just because suddenly, I'm into peach colours. Does anyone know of any pinkish-peach lipstick? There's a recent Chinese magazine that featured Felicia Chin. She was all dressed up like a student and she had the prettiest coloured lips ever!) to drown my sorrows.

It's a good thing, I suppose (Okay, I don't need to 'I suppose.' but but... BIG SIGH.). UGH, SENSIBILITY, GO AWAY!!!

Haha. Okay, I sound like such a sad, sad person. I'm bogged down by material stuff like this!!! The cotton candy filled head that I have! But better this than well, thinking myself to death over frivolous issues (OKAY, like THIS isn't frivolous?!? LOL. I can hear you protest "No! Makeup's a girl's life!!! It's NOTHING trivial!". Hehe.).

Oh well. There's always a next spree. *starts counting down to 11pm when the spree closes* HAHA! XD

On a... Should I say "Much happier note."?!? Well, I wasn't very sad to begin with. I just wanted to whine and lament (and curse SENSIBILITY). *points above* (Is anyone out there who's like me?!? Or you just buy?!? Haha!). Okay, where was I?!?


On a much ummm... (insert adjective) note, I won June's L'Oreal Open Eyes Chrome Intensity Contest!!! EEK EEK EEK (This is how Betty and Veronica from Archie Comics will go when they get all hyped up over something! Haha! Does anyone here read Archie Comics?!?)!!! What we had to do was to tell June which quad (From the L'Oreal Open Eyes Chrome Intensity line.) was our favourite and how the colours reminded us of beautiful butterflies. And this was my entry...

Aquadisiac palette for me!
Butterflies are known for their resplendent colours. Their beauty also borders on mystery.
The rich, deep blues (Blue Jean and Deep Blue) in the Aquadisiac quad reminds me of their mystery. Beneath the blues, the shimmers and the accompanying bright Aquadisiac and Highlighter bring to mind their vibrancy and just how simple it is for the sighting of a single butterfly to brighten up my day.

Anyway, I won a L'Oreal Paris Hamper! *BIG SMILE* I'm not sure what I'm getting but I'll post up pictures when I get it. (:

Hmmm... Come to think of it, the only items that I have ever owned from L'Oreal were a makeup remover and an eyeliner, which was actually from Mum's stash. Their L'Oreal Open Eyes Chrome Intensity palettes are so very pretty though!!! I love Aquadisiac especially!!! I'm crazy tempted to get it. But I swore off eye shadows after getting Urban Decay's Deluxe Shadow Box. :\ (And come to think of it again, I swore off blushers, cheek/ lip stains, lip balms, lipsticks... And for non-makeup related items, earrings, necklaces, graphic t-shirts...)

And oh right. This winning-the-contest thing was supposed to be the main point of this entry! Haha. XD
Thanks June for holding the contest!!! (:
Okay. What a crazy long entry! I wonder if anyone manage to sit through the entire thing. No swatches, no review today. I just wanted to blog. (:

OOOOH!!! Check out Benefit's latest products!!!

PRETTY MUCH?!? I would have got them if I hadn't bought Benetint and High Beam... And if I didn't own a gazillion eyeliners, eye shadows and 3 spankin' brand new blushers (I'm very proud of them though!).

Okay, enough whinning from me.

Head on over to the Muse and DROOL!!! (:


  1. charlenelalapineJuly 1, 2010 at 10:23 PM

    i don't have ibanking for that exact same purpose too! :D but.. ermm.. i don't have your restraint : X

  2. charlenelalapine: Trust me. It took A LOT out of me. Haha. (: Anyway, hello! (: I don't know many Charlenes so it was cool to find your blog! (:

  3. charlenelalapineJuly 4, 2010 at 3:00 AM

    hey! sorry i'm replying so late, i don't know why i'm not receiving any comment notifications :( but haha yes!! it's always cool to find another charlene ;) yay!


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