Saturday, July 17, 2010

EVENT: Maybelline New York's Power in You Selection Party

Hey everyone! (: If you had read my previous posts, I actually made it to Top 50 for the Maybelline New York's Power in You Selection Party. It was held today. Initially, it was supposed to be at Supper Club, but the location was switched to SMU's School of Information Systems at the very last minute. My journey ended today (LMAO!!! I sound as if I'm on American Idol!) but I did take home some really helpful makeup tips.

The makeup workshop was conducted by international Make up Artist, Nigel Stanislaus. It kicked off with him teaching us 3 basic looks; An everyday look, smokey eyes and the classic runway look. I didn't take any photos as the makeup was really simple. The looks can be easily replicated by some of the tutorials on Youtube. I reckon the photos will be up on Maybelline's website, so I'll let you when they have been uploaded. But anyway, here's a brief summary of them.

Everyday Look:
He used a light green eyeshadow on the model's eyes and lipstick as a blusher (Just dab it on!).
He suggested using a rose gold, light pink or white eyeshadow as a highlighter; Above the cheeks and on the cupid's bow.
Smokey Eyes:
He lamented about how everyone thought smokey eyes = black.
He did winged-eyes for the model, using Maybelline's Gel Eyeliner; Taught us to line it from outside in.
Classic Runway Look:

Courtesy of Melissa Cholelia Lim.

This was the prettiest look, out of the 3, and possibly the simplest!
He emphasized the eyebrows by making the front squarish and extending the tails.
He applied a concealer to the lips, before applying a bright red lipstick.
Most of the tips, as seen above, are stuff that you probably already know. It was really a very basic makeup workshop. 2 important tips which I really appreciated are the choosing of foundation colour and how to tell if you were warm-toned or cool-toned.

Choosing of Foundation Colour

This was actually something that I learnt from an ex-colleague. Foundations come in two undertones, yellow and pink, for every shade (Well, depending on the brand.). It is very easy to tell the two apart by placing them side-by-side. The pink one will appear lighter. Yellow undertones is for people with yellow undertones and pink is, well, for people with pink undertones. But how are you supposed to tell if you were yellow or pink?!? This was what my colleague told me... If you have rosy cheeks or tend to blush easily, you have pink undertones. If you tan easily, you have yellow undertones. Of course, this is merely a guide. Ultimately, it is how YOU like the look of the foundation on your skin.
Nigel did mention that Asians tend to look chalky when they use foundation with pink undertones and more radiant with yellow.

Warm-toned or cool-toned?!?

This was something new to me, something which I was really interested in learning. However, I doubt that knowing which tone I am is gonna affect the way I pick my colours much. Haha. I like to think that because I am fair, I can take ALL colours. Lol! I found a really informative website about this so you can click here to read it! (:
(By the way, I'm neutral-toned since my veins are blue-green. Hehe! (: )

Anyway, each of us received a goodie bag from Maybelline. YAY goodies! (:


Guess which is the real Magnum? One's a pen! Cute much?!?

I hope this entry was helpful to you and I'm sorry again for another wordy entry! Pinky promise that there will be more pictures next time! (:

EDIT// I forgot to mention that I had a chat about makeup schools with one of the makeup artists. She told me that Make Up Forever's makeup style leans towards the western one, whereas Cosmoprof is towards the Asian side. Yes, I'm thinking of enrolling in one of these makeup schools next summer. (: Gonna cost a really pretty penny though. ):


  1. Congrats on making the journey thus far. It's the process that you should enjoy, btw =)

    See you soon =P

  2. Aww.. I was rooting for you. Hope you had a blast! :D

  3. AtelierGal: Yep, I did. Thanks! (: Haha. Yep! But they haven't got back to me yet. :\ *fingers crossed*

    daphne87: Thanks Daphne! (: Haha. I did make several friends there! (:

  4. It's the weekend, so relax. If they don't get back to you on Monday, email them stating URGENT before you go to bed on Monday night


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