Thursday, July 22, 2010

EVENT: Physiogel's Bloggers Party

Hey everyone (: I was invited by Ju Ann to the Physiogel's Bloggers Party, which took place yesterday. It was the first time that I was invited to a bloggers' event so I was really excited! I thought I was a little too underdressed though... Plus my makeup was really minimal! :\

The event started at 7.30pm. Early birds received a Physiogel Shampoo and yep! I got that. Hehe! (: I also met many bloggers, like Xinyi, Amelia, Roseanne, Joyce, Kimberly, Michelle, Ru, June (June's the one who held the L'Oreal contest!), Clara, amongst many others. It was really cool because I have been reading some of their blogs for a while now and to see them in person... It was kinda like meeting celebrities! Okay, I'm being weird here but it was really fabulous meeting them! (:

The presentation kicked off with the Dr. Mark Tang, from National Skin Centre, telling us about our skin; The (gazillion!) different layers (I always thought we had 3 layers and then period. But guess what?!? The top layer has got 5 layers within it!). He then moved on to dry skin; The causes (Think: Alcohols, soaps, sanitizers, AIR-CONDITIONING and many others!!!) and the symptons. Following that, he told us what we ought to look for in a moisturizer *points above*.

"Hydrating your skin is more than adding water."

This was something he emphasized a lot. The moisturizer can't just be adding moisture to your skin and then, stop there. It needs to have the ability to be retained by the skin.

The next speaker, Eugene Yoo, was from Physiogel. He highlighted the differences between conventional moisturizers and that of Physiogel. Physiogel contains Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) technology. This enables the moisturizer to not only hydrate our skin BUT repair it as well! (:

Physiogel has a wide range, from cleansers (It need not be rinsed off!), shower creams to shampoos and of course, not forgetting their creams (For the face.) and lotions (For the body.). I tried both the cream and lotion at the event. I felt that the cream was a tad too oily but the lotion was just right! Oh! The speaker also mentioned that it doesn't matter if you have to wash your, say hands, after applying the cream/ lotion. That's because the cream/ lotion stays in your skin! You should be able to still feel the thin film of moisture left by the cream/ lotion after washing. (:

Right now, head on over to Physiogel's website because they have got a free travel pack just for you! (: It contains sachets of the cream and lotion and a 10ml bottle of their cleanser. (:

Those pictures up there took me almost the entire day to do them up! I'm really sorry if they are kind of messy and all over the place. I used to do web-designing (I did banners and layouts and was heavily involved in the web-designing community.) but that was ages ago! I'm really sad that I'm so out-of-touched now. But oh well. Life keeps going on and we keep finding new interests. (:

Anyway, I just want to say a big thanks to Ju Ann for inviting me again and hello to all the bloggers that I met! (: Thank you, Physiogel as well, for holding the event! (: It was a really good experience and it just made my summer a notch sweeter! (: (Okay, far too many exclamation marks and smileys!)


  1. OMG! I love the way your pictures are! Teach me!! Hahaha. They are so pretty! And it was lovely to meet you! :D

  2. Junkshion: OH! Where were you seating?!? I was at the back. Yes, it was! (:

  3. Dr Mark Tang from National Skin Centre
    And Eugene Yoo from Physiogel! :P

    And wow, your pics are damn elaborate la!! :) Great post!!

  4. musicplayson: Thanks(: I used Adobe Photoshop! (:

    annjoying: Oh yeah!!! Shall go update with the names! Heh. How embarrassing! Thanks (:

  5. Love the pics and awesome meeting you!

  6. ya pictures are pretty babe!!!! not messy at all :)


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