Wednesday, July 14, 2010

HAUL: (And some updates)

This is my first haul with Smoochiezz's Sprees, owned by Hazel. I usually go to her because she offers a wide array of sprees and she is extremely efficient. Her customer service is tip top, something which I really appreciate! (: Anyway, I got myself...

Neutrogena Body Clear Body Scrub
Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment
Neutrogena Rapid Clear Treatment Pads
Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask

Out of the entire list, I have only used Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment before. Like 6 years ago, back when I was plagued with a serious case of acne. I raved about it here. I'm not really a Neutrogena fan but this, this really did work for me. I actually got these (The Acne Treatment and the Treatment Pads.) for my brother. But he's currently seeing the dermatologist now. So... I get to keep them for myself! Hehehe! XD
I would actually love to do an entry about skincare. But I haven't got any photos of just how bad my skin was back when I was 15/ 16*. So well, there wouldn't be much credibility because it'll be just my words and that only. But I just want you to know that, if you're having very bad problems with your skin, please do consult a dermatologist. Don't try over-the-counter products or any skincare regime that you read on the internet because it may worsen the situation. I did the latter once (It was a concoction of benzoyl peroxide and moisturizer.) and ended up 'burning' my face. My entire face was covered up in scabs for several days and gawd. I literally wanted to hide my stupid face. )':
*I had acne everywhere on my cheeks and nose. My brother poked fun at me, some kid called me a fishball face... As much as I would like to say I was completely cool and all that, I wasn't. My skin problem bothered me very badly and it was really quite a horrid episode of my life. I didn't want to go out much, or buy new clothes because well, I thought I wouldn't look nice anyway since I had such bad skin. I remember praying fervently, asking for baby-backside-smooth skin, before I slept every single day. I still do that. Heh. I never want history to repeat itself. :\
But if you would still like to hear my story or need any help in any way, just let me know. I'll really be more than happy to share with you because I know what it feels like. (:
On a side note, I passed the first audition/ interview for the Maybelline Makeover Show!!! I was really lucky because ughhh. Okay, I emailed the lady, asking her if there were any dress code. She said to 'Be myself.' and so I went in T-shirt, jeans, my Adidas and my very basic makeup (Mascara, blusher and lipbalm.). And OMG, I caught a glimpse of the girl in front of me and gahhhh!!! Was she utterly gorgeous! Decked out in a tube top, skinnies, heels and a full face makeup. My sister was chiding me to have more sense, since it was an audition/ interview afterall. Heh. Well, silly me just took the lady's words as they were. :\ It was a panel of 5 judges. Completely nerve-wrecking! I was practically rambling the whole time. :\
So anyway, this Friday, I get to attend the Selection's Party at Supper Club. It's a full day makeup workshop conducted by international Makeup Artist Nigel Stanislaus! I'm really psyched for it because it's the first ever makeup workshop that I will ever attend and AHHH! I'm really so thankful that I made it this far (Having my photos selected and passing the interview!). This (the workshop) is something which I really wanted to attend so I'm really thrilled. (: Whatever that happens after that, well ummm... I am pretty much certain it ends after the workshop (Anything that calls for talent, despite my rather diverse background in dance, means ZILCH! No hope for me. Haha.) but I hope I'll be able to take home some valuable makeup tips and share with you! (:
Sorry for yet another wordy entry! :\


  1. I see you like using Neutrogena. Haha. Wasn't shipping expensive? I spree-ed once with Smoochiezz and sadly, mine wasn't a good experience. Anyway, congrats!! Have fun on friday! :D

  2. The Neutrogena Acne Treatment sounds good, I need to try out new ones since the current one I'm using don't work anymore.

    it's unfortunate that we get a limit selection of the products here. Have you tried the Apricot scrub? I love it :)

  3. daphne87: Ehhhh... It was alright? Haha. Well, I really wanted it so... Heh. *guilty smile* What happened?!? So far, it has been all good with Smoochiezz for me! I don't particularly like Neutrogena actually! Just the acne treatment. The facial wash dried up my face. Yucks. And thanks! (: I hope I will! Fingers crossed that I won't pressure myself or anything like that! :\

    AtelierGal: What are you using now? I find that Benzoyl Peroxide just dries up my skin like a major prune. :\ I didn't know there was an Apricot scrub from Neutrogena! I tried the one from St. Ives. I do like that one a lot! But I'm almost done with that. Using CURE now.

  4. I'm using BP! Just a tiny dab on the spot will do! And then pile on moisturizer to avoid the area getting 'wrinkled'

    My bad, I meant to say St. Ives. I'm using CURE too and other bunch of exfoliators lol

  5. AtelierGal: OH! That reminds me! I'm also using Skinfood's Black Sugar Mask Wash Off. Haha. I love the St. Ives one too! (: BP dried up my skin really, really bad. :\ I'm very glad that it works for you! I know it works for many others too. But uhhh... Guess it doesn't like me. At all. :\

  6. Actually I think my skin's used to BP that it kinda stops working... Hence I need a new pimple cream. Would love to try Kiehl's though but it cost $45 and there's not much recommendations enough for me to try.

    I'm using SkinFood's Rice Mask (I have a review for it btw).

  7. AtelierGal: I was searching for the review and ended up reading quite a few of your other entries. You're very pretty! (: I used the Rice Mask before the Black Sugar. It made my face super soft but I didn't see any radiance. ):

    Whoa. $45 sure is pricey! I recommend Eryacne (Did a review on it.) but ugh! You can't get it off-the-shelf in Singapore. )':

  8. Thank You lol

    Have you heard of Physiogel? I heard the Al Cream is good. I shall let you know more when I come back from the event on Tuesday. It's only available over the counters though.

  9. congrats on passing the interview! the hair mask good? how much did this cost u?

  10. AtelierGal: No, I haven't heard of Physiogel. I just googled it. The website looks real posh! That would be fab! (: Thanks so much! (: (: (:

    youngorgeous: Thanks! (: I read that the hair mask is good but I have yet to try it! It's about S$9.93, without shipping. (:

  11. Ah well, basically she didn't update me on my OOS items. When I met up with her to collect, she didn't even know my items were OOS! It took her a couple of weeks to refund me. Communication was kind of sucky too, so yea.

    AND MY ACCOUNT GOT HACKED! All my posts are gone! :(

  12. daphne87: HUH. I think she must have been too busy! She replies to all my messages super fast. AND OH GOSH!!! Sheesh. I just went to your account!!! :\ All your followers are gone too!!! ):

  13. daphne87: Hmmm... I think you should just start afresh. (: (Trying to recall previous posts may get you frustrated... And I don't want a frustrated Daphne!!! :\ )


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