Friday, July 30, 2010

HAUL: theBalm's Blushers in Down Boy, Hot Mama and Cabana Boy

Hi (: I'm so excited to do this entry because it has to do with my current makeup obession... BLUSHERSSS *emphasized on the 's'*!!!

On Sephora's website, the blushers are described as...
Down Boy (0.75 oz), $30.90: Soft pink flush
Hot Mama (0.25 oz), $29.90: Peachy pink shimmer
Cabana Boy (0.3 oz), $30.90: Pink dusty rose
These blushers are multi-tasking (YAY!!!); They can double up as eyeshadows and Hot Mama can be used as a highlighter too. (: One thing strange, however, is that the blushers are of different sizes. I mean, it's fine but don't they usually standardize such stuff? Hmmm...

Anyway, do check your stuff when you get things from Sasa (Yep, you can find theBalm at Sasa! (: ). Look at my Cabana Boy! This was taken before I swatched it and ack!!! There seems to be a nick and a finger mark! ): (Okay, you need to check all your things at whatever stores you buy them from! Not just Sasa! Everywhere!)
Down Boy, Hot Mama and Cabana Boy
Only Hot Mama has shimmers in it. Down Boy and Cabana Boy are matte. The blushers are dead pigmented, with the powder being very fine. They blend real easily too. (:

Many people have made comparisons between Hot Mama and NARS Orgasm, so I decided to compare the both of them too! And since I have Deep Throat as well, and many people reckon that Deep Throat and Orgasm are similar and so this makes Hot Mama and Deep Throat similar too so so so... HAHA! You get the picture! I decided to compare the 3 of them!

 NARS Deep Throat, Hot Mama and NARS Orgasm
Hot Mama seems to be much closer to Deep Throat than Orgasm to me...
Anyway, when I blended them out...

... This was what I got! Hot Mama STILL looks closer to Deep Throat! Haha! Orgasm seems to be the most pink out of the lot, whereas the other 2 are more peachy. (:

One thing that I'm impressed about theBalm is that it is formulated without parabens. Parabens are present in many makeup as preservatives. However, recent study has found that breast cancer tumours have high concentrations of it. :\ However, this does not mean that there is a causal link between these 2 (from Wikipedia). But still, it's good to know that my makeup doesn't have the slightest bit of chance of giving me cancer! :\

For more information about parabens, here are some links which you can refer to:

Live Naturally
The Good Human

Hope you enjoyed the entry and have a fab weekend! (:


  1. You got all!! I stalked your twitter and your journey towards these babies. Haha. So funny la! But glad you got all! They are all so pretty! Do lotds with them. :D

  2. Hot Mama looks nice~ :)

  3. OOOOOOOO Expensive but sooooooo gorgeoussssssss *drools* I am always attracted to blushes!

  4. icefrost: Yeah, they do!!! In fact, I think they are funkier! XD

    roseannetangrs: It is the most gorgeous out of the lot, isn't it?!?

    musicplayson: HAHA!!! Yeah, they are super pretty right?!? Thank goodness for that day when I woke up with Hot Mama in my head!!! I LOVE my head! Haha.

    daphne87: Haha! Yes, it is! How's your Marine Life doing?!?

    AtelierGal: I have passed the information already! (: She'll be busy the next few days but once she's done, I'll be taking her out to check them out! Thanks so much!!! M.A.C's SAs are really unfriendly though... ):

    feistyskies: HAHA. Yeahhh... Blushers = SIN!!!

  5. all 3 looks so pretty!! :D

  6. I love Hot Mama!

  7. rainyydays: Yeah!!! (:

    ladeekim: Yay!!! I have it on my cheeks now! (:


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