Sunday, July 4, 2010

REVIEW: Eryacne

Where to find it: Bangkok's pharmacies

Price: $16+

What is it: Acne treatment

The Good: Dries up acne real quick (2-3 days on small zits!). BUT it doesn't dry up the surrounding skin like benzoyl peroxide does. It is most effective when used on zits that just started forming.

The Bad: You can't get it over the counter in Singapore. )': And this doesn't get rid of blackheads.

Comments: My cousin introduced this to me back in 2008. I have been using this ever since. My most 'memorable' incident of this was on the last day of my A Levels; I had 5 friggin' big, painful zits forming on my nose! ACK!!! And DOUBLE ACKKK!!! I mean, it was my last paper and all I wanted to do after that was to go create some havoc in town. Instead, I frantically called my cousin and practically begged him to lend me his Eryacne. I applied a thin layer on my entire nose and within 2 days, the zits were just little red spots. By the 4th day, they were TADAH!!! Completely gone!!! *wide smile*

However, as magical as this medicine sounds, nothing is perfect. This doesn't eradicate blackheads. ): Benzoyl peroxide seems to work good on them but it's far too drying for me. So I'm still searching for my blackheads blaster. But, where zits are concerned, I found my Mr. Right. (:

(In case you're wondering why this particular entry is so short, I think the above incident *points above* says everything that I want to say about Eryacne. (: Not many know about this product since you can't get your hands on it easily in Singapore. But if you do happen to be in Bangkok, do get it and I hope it works for you as splendidly as it does for me. (: )


  1. I saw this product @ Takashimaya watsons last year. Idk if they stil carry it.

  2. Really?!? I'll definitely check it out after my exams! Thanks for the heads up! (:


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