Saturday, July 17, 2010

REVIEW: Urban Decay's De-Slick Mattifying Powder

Where to find it: Sephora

Price: $52

What it is: Oil blotting powder

The Good: Keeps face incredibly matte! Contains tea tree oil to help eradicate zits! YAY!!!

The Bad: The price. )':

Comments: I mentioned about this product before and I also told you how lazy I was to actually use it. But lately, Singapore has been one hell of a furnace and I find my T-zone getting more oily than usual. Hence, for the entire month of June and 17 days of July, I have been bringing this compact along with me wherever I go.

One plus point of this product is that it comes with a mirror. My sis recently got the ZA Groovy Smoovy Oil Blotting Powder which hasn't got a mirror and it's really quite inconvenient.

A puff is included but it's rather flimsy. I prefer puffs with a handle at the back, so that I can slip my slender (HAHAHAHA!) fingers through it and need not touch the puff itself. But I have to say... It's a pretty puff! (:

The powder smells lovely! But that's because I love the smell of tea tree oil. I know some people who hate it, like Mum (She thinks that it smells like insecticide! :\). The powder's very fine and it doesn't leave me with a face that's ashen or anything like that. I have used this on my sister, who's much darker than me, and it works perfect for her too! (:

This can go on before or after makeup and all that I really need is a little dab here and there and *drum rolls*... TADAHHH!!! Oil-free face and a very thrilled Charlene!!! (: (: (: I used to grab a piece of tissue paper to wipe off the oil on my face (No, I don't use oil-blotting paper.) but this powder keeps my face matte for a really long time. It beats reaching out for tissue papers every couple of hours or so!

However, as much as I'm loving this, the price is a big turn-off, especially when the ZA one costs a fraction of it. That's the only gripe I have about this product. Other than that, I say, if you have some cash to spare, invest in this! (:

EDIT// Hey! I forgot to mention that De-Slick comes in the gel and spray versions too! For the gel one, please take note to DAB and not rub it in. Or you will get those eraser-dust like things. :\ They can be used under and over makeup too! (: *cheers for Urban Decay*

EDIT EDIT// I found the box that the powder came in. So here's a look at what goes into the powder to
make it oh-so-fabulous!



  1. blush-overload: Hi! (: Yes, do try!!! Urban Decay is not really known in SG and that's sad 'cause some of their products are really fab! (: Oh! It comes in the gel and spray versions too! (:

  2. yes yes!! i went for the UD Master Class back in April and there was a sample of Deslick, and i'm impressed! but it's so pricey for that small tube =\

  3. blush-overload: OMG! Sorry for my late reply! Onsugar isn't sending me emails when someone makes a comment. :\ Anyway, wow! You got to go for the Master Class! I was having dreadful school. ): Ah yeah... That's really the one and ONLY downside of UD. Their stuff are majorly expensive! Pay for quality and not quantity! ):


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