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SWATCHES: M.A.C In The Groove's Cremesheen Glass, Lipsticks, Mineralize Blush Duo and Mineralize Skinfinishes

(Long story ahead! Do go straight to the swatches if you hate old grand mama stories. Heh.)

Hey everyone!!! I'm possibly the happiest girl today! So let me jump straight to M.A.C's much awaited collection, In The Groove! I was never really into M.A.C products (Don't ask me why!), much less this collection. However, my colleague kept talking about it so I decided to check out Temptalia's swatches a second time (I do read entries about M.A.C's collections, but it's more of a perusal.). After looking at them a gazillion more times, I was like OMG!!! I must have this, and that, and this... Haha! Work started at noon today, so I headed down to Tampines Mall at around 9.50am (It's the FIRST time ever that I'm ever doing such a thing!). When I arrived, I was the only one outside Isetan. Lmao. However, there was a very long queue for the Japanese biscuits though... Like a seriously long one! Okay, back to the story...

When Isetan opened its doors, there were 5 ladies (I met Hazel!), including me. Initially, I thought the collection wasn't launched yet as there was NO display for it until I asked the BA about the Jazzed lipsticks. Then I realized that the cardboard box that 2 ladies were poring eagerly over contained the collection! I was like "There isn't a display for it?!?", to which the BA replied "We just took the testers out! Haha.".

Here are some swatches! (:

The plan was to get ONLY By Candlelight MSF and Jazzed but guess what I ended up with?!? By Candlelight MSF, Jazzed and Band of Roses!!! XD Band of Roses was really a at-the-moment kind of thing. I did like what I saw in Temptalia's swatches (The dark raspberry pink is utterly gorgeous!) but I have more than enough blushers for 2 cheeks!!! The moment I swatched them, however, I was like SHITTT!!! I have to get it!!! Haha. Anyway, I didn't like Petticoat MSF because it looked like a dirty pink to me. I tried On the Scene but ughhh, it sat in the lines of my lips!!! And it didn't really show on my lips. I was actually thinking of layering it over Jazzed. But I thought that I might as well get the Canmake lipglosses at a much cheaper price!

And as for the much coveted, highly anticipated Stereo Rose... Haha! When I first swatched it, I was like Ughhh! Too shimmery! (It kinda reminded me of Orgasm!) I left the store after paying for my stuff. But I was like ahhh! Might as well get Stereo Rose since it was so sought after (Thought it would make a splendid present for my sister. I'm trying to get her into makeup!) so I went back and GAHHHH!!! They were ALL sold out! At 10.20am!!!

I wasn't that disappointed because well, in the first place, I didn't like it. But I saved the swatches on my hand for my colleague so I was looking at them the entire train ride to Orchard. And the more I looked at Stereo Rose, the more I liked it!!! So anyway, I reached real early for work and decided to check out ION Sephora's M.A.C and SCOREEE!!! There were so many Stereo Roses!!! That M.A.C outlet was real quiet, with only one other lady beside me. I think people forget that Sephora actually had a M.A.C outlet or something. But yeah, I got my hands on Stereo Rose! I was completely ecstatic and in my head, I was like 'Thank you, God! Thank you, God!'. LOL. (I wanted to post the availability of Stereo Rose on Cozycot but my iPhone didn't let me connect! I'm so sorry!!!)

The BA at Sephora's M.A.C was real nice! He laid out all the Stereo Roses that he had and let me pick out the veins. As aforementioned, I wasn't really into M.A.C's stuff (But of course, now I am!) so I didn't know how to pick them out and all that (How do you girls pick them???). He very kindly helped me with it. (: No are-you-stupid look, all smiles and was genuinely helpful! I LOVE BAs like him! (: (Customer service is crazy important to me because of my old job at Starbucks. It was really emphasized during trainings, so I am very particular about it.)

So yep! I kept going "I'm the happiest girl on earth!" to my colleague the whole time at work! 3 other things (There was a really sweet customer and guess what?!? I was one of the 8 girls who got selected for the Maybelline Makeover Show!!! Audition's next Tuesday! Eeps! I'm getting the jitters. :\ Wish me luck!) made my day so I'm gonna have real sweet dreams tonight! (:

Did you manage to snag a Stereo Rose??? Or if you didn't like it, what did you get? (:

EDIT// Omg. It's out of 80 girls (Maybelline Makeover Show)!!! The lady missed out the '0'. What a bummer. ): Should have known that it was too good to be true. :\


  1. Haha, I think you meant 9.50am. I got a friend to help me buy Stereo Rose for me. Oh, Jazzed looks pretty. And I love helpful BAs too 'cause I'm usually intimidated by them. And congrats for the audition! Good luck! :D

  2. daphne87: LOL! Yes, I do mean that. Haha. Thanks for pointing it out. I really should head to bed now... Work's tiring. :\ Yes, Jazzed is pretty! Quick! Head to a M.A.C outlet! (: And much thanks! (:

  3. hey Charlene, it was nice meeting u :) I managed to get out of bed early all thanks to my pooch who was puking the whole night and left me with a sleepless nite. Which is a good thing since i managed to get there early to help a friend pick up Stereo rose and got myself one too :)
    i liked how u "saved the swatches" for your colleague :) very sweet of you :)
    So nice of the BA at ION to lay out the stereo roses for you to pick out!
    I believe the MAC at tamp mall only had less than 10 of it that's why it got sold out so quickly.

  4. Hazelnutt: Hey Hazel!!! (: Yes, it was really nice meeting you! (: I was actually looking at you for quite a while! I was like "Is she Hazel? No, she isn't. No! Yes, she is! No, wait...". Haha. OH! Lol. Is your pooch alright now???

    Thanks (: I had to save them for her. She was the one who got me excited about this collection but she had the morning shift! ): She really wanted to see it! People on the train were staring at my hand. Held it out because I was so afraid I smudged them!

    Yes, he was really, really nice! I always had the impression that M.A.C's BAs were snobbish. :\

    Haha. Yep! I was shocked when the BA told me that SR was out of stock when I went back! ION Sephora, on the other hand, was dead quiet! I reckon that either people forgot that Sephora has a M.A.C outlet or people had assumed that that was one of the 'hot' places.

  5. charlenelalapineJuly 10, 2010 at 1:01 AM

    ooohhh!! charlene you stay in the east too? :D COOL. HAHA.

    hazel & char: actually i popped by the isetan tampines at about 7pm cos i went to watch twilight (HEHE), but the testers still weren't out yet! think they have no counter space : X

  6. charlenelalapine: Yes, I do! (: Was the movie good?!? I wanna watch it too (But I'm currently bogged down with work. Blah.)!

  7. I have no idea why the hype over StereoRose. I thought Candlelight is the only gorgeous one that I might buy lol

  8. AtelierGal: Haha! Did you manage to check it out at the counters? I didn't think much of it either... Until I swatched it! Yes, By Candlelight is gorgeous! (:

  9. hihi Charlene... thanks for asking... my pooch is definitely alright now. The vet said she's stressed. GOSH! I do believe the vet though, coz my pooch had a puking episode after my baby was born - due to stress too. Strange pooch... all she does is laze around all day waiting for food... how stress can that be???

    wah!! U're really a good friend... fending off all the strange stares on the train just to save the swatches :) *thumbs up*

  10. No I didn't. I only stopped by ONCE to get Fix+. I can't stand the judgmental looks shot at me lol

  11. hazelnutt: Oh gosh! Your pooch sure is high-strung! :\ Heh. Thanks! (: It was so sweet of you to purchase the stuff for Charlene too!!! (:

    AtelierGal: Haha. Yes! Me too. ): But the guy at Sephora ION was really nice. The nicest, perhaps! (:

  12. So I've heard! I went to the one at Takashimaya =(


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