Thursday, July 8, 2010

SWATCHES: Topshop Make Up's Lips and Skin


Topshop Make Up was launched in Singapore today!!! I have been lusting after these darlings since... Forever! The packaging, though simple, is utterly chic! After work, I hurried down to ION, even though all I really wanted was to come home and do some serious bumming! Haha. XD

from Chic Magazine's Facebook

The display was really small and when I went there, one side of it was almost gone (around 6.10pm)! :\ Many girls were hanging round the area. I had my eyes on Blush in Pinch and the Skin Glow but in the end, I got NOTHING. ):

Blush in Crushed Berry and Pinch

Blush in Nutmeg

The moment I got there, I went straight to the blushers and of course, promptly swatched Blush in Pinch. BUT ughhh!!! The blusher was incredibly waxy! Yucks!!! I hated the way it felt when I touched it, applied it and blended it. People with oily skin, a BIG NUH-UH! I hate, hate, hate the texture!!! I was speaking to the Topshop girl who was in-charge of the makeup and she mentioned that Topshop Make Up isn't suitable for people with sensitive skin (Save for the lipsticks.). BIG BIG BUMMER. Though I hate the texture, I did like the way Crushed Berry and Pinch looked. SIGH. Nutmeg seemed to be the most popular, with only one left when I was there.

I tried the lipsticks too because the packaging was AHHH! CHIC, CHIC, CHIC! (:  Desert isn't as dark as it looks like in the first picture. It's true to the second one. I like Brighton Rock, Vamp and Daredevil the most! I didn't get them though because well, ummm... I'm waiting for M.A.C In The Groove Collection! (I'm thinking of getting By The Candlelight! Should I?!?)

The Skin Glow was a major disappointment too. It came out a really pretty light pink with shimmers but the lasting power is totally zilch! It was all gone in a while's time. ):

What about you? How did you find the collection? Got anything??? (:


  1. The lippies look promising! :) Are they of matte finishes? I like how pinch looks like on your skin as well! :)

  2. awesome post love, thanks for the info :) Mind if I feature you on my facebook page?

  3. feistyskies: Yes, they are! (: Yeah... Pity that it's so waxy! SIGH. ):

    roseannetangrs: Thanks (: Of course I don't mind! I'm a fan of yours!

  4. I've got to try them in stores this week (: Thanks for the post!

  5. oh no!! I am so jealous!! When will Topshop be lauched in HK/ Vancouver!!! ><
    btw thanks for following my blog!

  6. Pinch does look like pinched bruise, isn't it?

  7. Hey I was there around 7 plus last night! Haha. I didn't went for the blush because cream's not suitable for oily face. :( And I got 2 nail colours, 1 lip glaze and 1 eye crayon! I need to do a haul post soon. :D

  8. icefrost: Welcome (: Have fun!!!

    candydolls: OH! I thought Vancouver would have had it! I hope it reaches you soon!

    AtelierGal: Haha! Yes, it does. But I actually like it!

    daphne87: Oh gosh! I missed you! ): How's the eye crayon??? I didn't try them because I have so many UD's eyeliners! And yes, do one soon!!! I'll be waiting for it! (:


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