Wednesday, July 28, 2010

UPDATES: Curly wurly?!?

Elise recently asked her readers if she looked older with curls and that got me thinking. I have always wanted to have those soft, beautiful curls so that I will be the demure lady that all TKGians are supposed to be (Where mannerism is concerned, I have a long, and I mean LONG, way to go. :\). Anyway, my hair has got rather long and I thought of perming it. But sis had hers permed and her hair became so very dry that I hesitated. My original hair's of the rough texture (Thank you, Dad. Haha!) and so, I have got it rebonded quite a few times. :\ I'm afraid that if I were to perm it, BOOM!!! My hair's gonna be one huge untamed mess!!! But anyway, yes, back to Elise and the fact that she got me thinking...

I went to Aunt Dora for a haircut on Saturday with my cousin. I got my fringe trimmed and I was like "Ummm... Aunt Dora, could you curl my hair temporarily?". And... *drum rolls* TADAHHH!

I think I look like a tai tai (Tai tai = Rich matron.), which isn't a bad thing actually. Haha. I would LOVE to be rich, except that I like to look as young as I possibly can. Haha. I'm not gonna have my hair permed anyhow but I'm wondering if I should invest in a good curler. Or wait for Elise's 'classic wet-tight-bun-plus-hot-air-blast-from-hairdryer' method. Haha.

Anyway, I have work this week and am currently nursing a bout of flu (GAWD. Sick for the 2nd time this month!!! ): Dad was sick. Then it got to me. Now, my brother's sneezing away like his life depends on it. BLAH!!! ). I'm trying to get a review up but I'm kind of lacking in the 'inspiration' department now, so it will probably be up next week. And I'm thinking of making a video for July's Favourites. Heh. Yay or nay?

Till then, do take care!!! (:


  1. You look good in both. I think the curls add more volume to your hair. Aww.. That spread-the-sickness-among-the-family thing. Get well soon! And definitely yay for july favs! :)

  2. I love both looks, but the curls plus bangs give you a more 'youthful' look.
    Darn! I wanna rock bangs too LOL

    Consume loads of Vit C & hope you feel better

  3. You look good in both what! Hahaha. :D

  4. i agree with Rusty, you look good with straight and curled hair!
    aren't we all envious of people who are so versatile! ;)

  5. Elise NurasyidahJuly 29, 2010 at 8:38 PM

    hahah! ya, somehow I feel most girls look richer (in a tai tai way) and older with curls. and yes, I've already recorded the demo, just having a bit of prob loading it up! will try to do so by tmr ya! :) andddd... I've decided not to have a perm :p

  6. daphne87: Haha! My hair does get flat some days. And on other days, it just goes everywhere. Stupid hair!!! Haha. I'm feeling much better! Thanks (:

    AtelierGal: It does??? Sis said I looked older!!! Why don't you rock bangs then??? I think you'll look younger! (: And thanks! I just popped a Vitamin C. (:

    musicplayson: Haha. Thanks! (:

    blush-overload: Thanks! I'm still thinking of the Snow White look you did! I wanna try that out next week! (:

    Elise Nurasyidah: Yeahhh. But I kinda the rich look. LOL (Act rich only seh...). XD Ohhh! Thanks for the video! (: I can't wait! Haha. Are you gonna get a curler instead?


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