Friday, July 2, 2010

UPDATES: L'Oreal Paris Hamper and Benefit's Brow Event

The L'Oreal Paris Hamper came on Monday!

I received a 24H Super Liner Waterproof Gel Eyeliner and a Volume Shocking Waterproof Mascara! (: I am trying to use up my current stash of opened makeup so these 2 may not see sunlight for a while (Let me digress a little... Maybelline's Gel Eyeliner kicks ass!!! Seriously! It's my first venture into gel eyeliners but it's really easy to use! And guess what? It lasts on my oily eyelids! Yay!!!).

I attended Benefit's Brow Event with my sister. After we registered, we were each given a BeneGoodie bag *points above*.

Each bag had 3 samples. I didn't know Benefit had toners. :\ Anyway, sis gave me her samples. XD I wanted to get her Erase Paste for her eye bags but wasn't sure if it was good. So yay for samples!!! (:
I didn't take any photos at the event because I don't really trust Benefit when it comes to brows. :\ I remembered the first time I wanted to get my brows done... My friend and I went to the Brow Bar at Tangs and we saw this lady with shaped eyebrows that were coloured in really thick and... One brow was clearly higher than the other!!! I was like o_0?!?

At the brow event, my sister and I noticed that Maki, the Regional Brow Authority, had one brow higher than the other too. I'm not really into brows. I mean, as long as they are neatly shaped and look even, I don't really care. But is this whole one-brow-higher-than-the-other a trend or something that I don't know?!? Also, there was a demonstration where Maki did the brows of this girl; Waxing and filling in of the brows. I watched a couple of Youtube videos on brows where gurus mentioned that you're not supposed to fill in the front of the brows (Or at least, do it very lightly!) but that's what Maki did for the girl! The girl ended up with very severe-looking brows... o_0?!? The girl did look more refined... But she looked angry and fierce at the same time... Anyway, I was starving by then (Rushed to the event right after work.) so we left after the event ended.

It's July already!!! I felt like June didn't even come. Haha. Anyway, I'm thinking of doing a video for June's favourites. But right now, I'm way under the weather. Think: Fever, flu, cough, sore throat... A very, very hoarse voice. Ughhh. :\ Worse bout of illness ever. I do hope you are all fine and dandy and for those who work, TGIF!!! (:

And oh! Can you believe that Urban Decay's Naked Palette is sold out already?!? ): It'll be coming to our shores in September though!!! Can't wait!!! *will not think about the number of palettes owned*


  1. Seriously! You and I must be TWINS!! I don't really care much for my brows except trimming/plucking them too. Do a video/photos for June favourites soon, but health is more important, so take care and get well soon! I'm tempted to get Vegan palette.. The packaging is so cute!

  2. daphne87: Haha!!! Yes, we are so alike! (: June's favourites will most likely come up two weeks' later?!? Eeps! Got to deal with work and then, school's stuff! Yes!!! The Vegan palette's really cute! But I have most of the shadows in it already. :\ And thanks, Daphne! (: Being sick sucks! To think that when I was a child, I prayed to fall sick (So that I could skip school and watch teevee all day! Haha!).

  3. So late? Haha. I don't have any UD shadows actually. Are they pigmented?

  4. daphne87: Yes... I'm so sorry! I'm working for the whole of next week! Yes, they are!!! Crazy pigmented! The Muse has some very fab swatches of UD's eyeshadows. Here's an entry for the Alice's palette: (:


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