Friday, August 27, 2010

OUTING: Summer's Girl-iest Day

Afternoon Muffins! (:

Summer is ending already and that means (dreadful) school's beckoning! :\ But oh well... All good things must come to an end. The only thing that we can do is to make sure that the good stuff ends with a blast! And what better way to do that than to have a girly day out with awesome girlfriends?!?

Plans for this outing were kick-start into motion when I realized, during a MSN conversation, that dear Samantha had never done a manicure before! So Dorcas and I wanted to girl-ify her before the would-be lawyer headed back to the UK to complete her (very stressful) last year of law studies.

After the Luxasia Sale, Dorcas and I headed down to Shaw Towers to meet Samantha at Hairloom & Caramel.

We arrived around 1pm. The place isn't that big. I think there are about 7 tables. But oh gosh! The decor was crazy nice!!! The first thing that the 3 of us did was to whip out our cameras and start snapping away! Haha. It was really quite a funny scene!

Dorcas ordered the 'Baked penne Japanese style, with unagi and seaweed', Samantha had the 'Spaghetti with salmon in house special pink sauce' and as for me, boring ol' 'Baked penne with ham & cheese in cream sauce' (I wanted the 'Black pepper smoked duck sandwish with Dijon mustard' but woe to me! They didn't have duck yesterday! ): ) Samantha's dish was the most scrumptious one! See the yellow bits? Those are lemon peel bits!

(You know how some creamy dishes can be so overly creamy that you feel so tired of it after a few mouthfuls? Mine was just creamy enough! YAY!)

The place sells some stuff with a really old-school feel to them. Yes, they are expensive but very, very cute (There is a chocolate calculator which you can bend! Haha! Imagine bringing it to the examination hall!).

After our meal, Sam brought us to Tom's Palette for some ice-cream (YAY!). They have some really cool flavours like Rosemary & Apple, Salty Yuzu and Chocolate Sorbet, amongst many others. One thing that I really like about the place is the service. As some of you may know, being an ex-Starbucks barista, service is very important to me. The lad who served us kept asking us to try the flavours first. No dirty looks were thrown into our directions at all! *10 thumbs up*

There are 3 cup sizes and for each size, you can have a choice of 2 flavours!!! How cool is that?!? Perfect for fickle me!!! (:

I had the Rosemary + Apple and Lychee + Rose ice-creams. The former was incredibly delicious! It was a tad too sweet though. Samantha said that Tom's Palette is definitely better than U.d.d.e.r.s Ice Cream (I do love their Earl Grey Tea flavour tons!)!

Thereafter, Dorcas and I brought Samantha for her first manicure! We wanted to snap a picture of her getting her nails done but we only remembered it at the end and well, all our hands were tied up! Anyway, I got mine painted in 'What's with the Cattitude?' and 'Who the Shrek are You?' from the OPI Shrek Forever After series. (I scratched like 2 nails already. BUMMER!)

Dorcas and I gave Samantha her first nail kit!!! Haha! Designs are drawn by yours truly and I'm so immensely happy with them. Whenever I do 'art and craft', I will always do a draft first (Do measurements, sketch the designs, play with colours...). For this 'project', I did 3 drafts and all the designs turned out really crummy. By Wednesday evening, I was 'panicking' slightly so I decided to just do it directly on the purple paper. My first attempt failed because the black from my colour pencil barely came out! I 'passed' on my 2nd try! YAY!

(The front's inspired by Topshop Make up!)

Alrighty! I hope your summer's gonna end with a blast too!

Hello Fall!!! (:

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