Saturday, August 14, 2010

FOOD: Men's Pocky Chocolate?!?

My family's made up of Pocky junkies. When I went to China last year, I came back with 30+ boxes of pocky. There were green tea (My favourite!!!), mango mousse, strawberry mousse... Tons of flavours! Just like a gazillion makeup brands, why aren't they available in Singapore? *GLOOM*

BUT... Though we haven't got said flavours, we do get some 'special' ones (Those that aren't chocolate, strawberry or milk flavoured.).

Look at what Mum got this time round!

MEN's Pocky Chocolate?!?


Well, I'm still gonna eat it anyway. *sticks tongue out*


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  1. Yup, nicer than the normal chocolate/strawberry flavor.


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