Tuesday, August 24, 2010

HAUL: Skin Inc’s Okinawa Deepsea Hydra Mask

Hey Muffins! *big grin*

I’m all smiles today because I got myself Skin Inc’s Okinawa Deepsea Hydra Mask ($188) and the $45 Oxy Miracle Infusion Facial (I will be doing the facial will be done at a later date. It’s valid for a year. (: ). Okay, well, Mum paid first. I’ll pay her back when school comes round and I shop less (HOPEFULLY!!!).

The Okinawa Deepsea Hydra Mask is a gel mask. Its key ingredients are the Okinawa deep sea water (Nutrient-rich.), soya bean (Brightens and balances the skin.) and hyaluronic acid (For pampering, nourishing and hydrating the skin.).

It is to be used in the evening, after your entire skincare routine. Spread a thin layer of the mask with the spatula given. You can either leave it on for 30 minutes or overnight (Definitely leaving it on overnight.). Wash off with water in the morning. (:

For the mask, I got the 100ml instead of the 30ml. Thus, I was also given the Pure Revival Peel. (: The key ingredient for this is AC-11, arbutin and fullerenes. Okay, I don't speak Chemistry but the first one is apparently good for DNA-repair and anti-ageing, the second for brightening and the third for strengthening collagen, elastin and repairs UV damage.

Right now, Citibank card members get 20% off for all products and UOB, 15%. However, this does not include any promotional items (i.e. Since I chose to get the free Pure Revival Peel, I couldn’t get any discount. If you choose the discount, you can’t get the Pure Revival Peel.).

This is my MOST expensive skincare product. I’m crossing all my fingers and toes and hoping so badly that it’s gonna be a miracle in a tub!

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