Friday, August 6, 2010

HAUL: Watsons' and from everywhere else.

My original shopping list only had 1 item; Avène's Thermal Water. Then, I spotted My Beauty Diary Masks. Then, there was also the pore packs from Heal Pharm's... And well, BIG SIGH.

Oh! Anyway, I met Hazel again! She has such pretty eyes!!!

School's beckoning so I got myself a schedule book from Artbox ($24.60). Schedule books are a MUST for me or else my life will be in disarray. I have relied on them since I was 10/ 11 (My primary school used to have her own schedule books. Though, of course, at that time I used them for my doodling. Haha!).

Popular is having some fab discounts on books.

The John Grisham books were from last week. The last time I read his book was when I was 17. The Chamber, if I remember it right. But ughhh, there were so many twists and turns that I was so knackered out when I finished it. But I'm currently in the mood for some law stuff and well, you have to admit that he IS a good author!


  1. I really love your doodles and Photoshop pictures! I am so jealous! Hahaha bi suck at ps. Hahaha. And great haul. The avene water is good haha.

  2. musicplayson: Ru, you're damn fast! Haha. I haven't even tweeted about the entry yet. Thanks! (: For this entry, I did the doodles. For the previous ones, I did use some brushes. I saved them before I reinstalled my laptop so I can't remember where I got them from. You can just google for them though. (: And yes! It is really good! (:

  3. Nice Haul, especially the books! Have you read The Firm?

  4. Cool! Esp the books haha. I used to read Sidney Sheldon & Jodi Picoult but have turned to romance novels now instead cuz they're more predictable & makes me happier. :D

  5. $99! You totally should get the Watson's card. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is on my to-read list.

    And since I don't want to spam Regis..
    YES!! I watched True Blood ever since the beginning of the show! I've only read the first 2 books since I borrowed the books from the library and my nearest library always doesn't have book 3 so I'm stuck! Haha. I'm guessing you've read all the books? I like the show better since it covers more characters. I also like Jessica and Lafayette's so adorable during that lovey dovey episode. That kiss scene totally made me blush! Pam's makeup is awesome too. I heard it was mostly NARS? And Joe Manganiello (Alcide) is going to be a series regular for the next season! Yay!

    Also, isn't that Eric/Sookie dream scene hot or what? :D

  6. daphne87: I DO have the Watsons card. Haha! (:

  7. AtelierGal: Nope, not yet. Is that your favourite, Joyce?

    feistyskies: HAHA! Romance novels as in chicklit or those ummm... What do you call them? Hardcore romance novels? Like by Danielle Steel? I read lots of chicklit but I think that resulted in very high expectations of just about everything in life! Haha.

    daphne87: HAHAHA!!! Hell yes I did! I bought them last year I think. From Borders. The set of the first 8 books were going for $80+. I read the latest one online. I like BOTH the books and the show!!! (: Yes, I LOVE Jessica. I thought she would be annoying but she's so endearing! She reminds me of Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas though. And Layfayette's one of my favourite characters! It's always such a joy to see him on screen! I didn't know Pam's makeup was mostly NARS?!? She's a fabulous character though! If it weren't for Eric Northman, I would want to be Pam (Instead of Sookie.)! And wohoo for Alcide!!! He. Is. Gorgeous. But of course, Eric Northman overrides everyone. XP

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Like super duper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for them to be together! But oh well. Alcide comes first. Haha. (No offence, Alcide. I still like you!)

  8. u really take a lot of effort with ur entries, huh! nice read ;) and which school are u going to? just poking my nose around, heh :p


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