Tuesday, August 24, 2010

REVIEW: CoverGirl’s Lash Blast Mascara

During the National Day week, Mascara.page was having a sale for CoverGirl’s Lash Blast in Black Brown. They were going for 2 at the price of either $18.90 or $19.90. Oh gosh! I’m really bad with prices (I tend to look at the price tag, check if my purse has got enough money, purchase it and forget the price. HAHA. Okay, bad Charlene. XO). Anyway, one is going to set you back $15.90 right now at Mascara.page.

Frankly, I do not know much about CoverGirl’s cosmetics, save for the famous elephantine brush and Joyce’s Mum’s CoverGirl Dinosaur! Haha! (Oh! They have lipstains too!!!) When I saw the awesome deal, my mind swung like a pendulum ball; ‘Should I get it?’, ‘TOTALLY!!!’, ‘But I have so many mascaras already…’, 'But it's a good deal!', ‘Okay, don’t think. Just get it!’, 'But people mentioned that the wand will poke me in the eye...'... Heh.

When it came, I was amused/ surprised to find the brush not drowning in the mascara. It’s probably to show the massive brush but wouldn’t the packing of it be rather unhygienic? Then again, I don’t work in CoverGirl’s factories and I reckon they take all sorts of measures to ensure that their products are very safe…. Which makes this paragraph completely useless and I just wasted your time... Heh. *sheepish laughter*

To make up for it, let's have an immediate verdict.

Do I love the mascara?!? YES, I DO!!! (cue: Wedding bells start ringing.)

The mascara wand is indeed ginormous. It is a challenge to get those really small lashes and the bottom lashes (Using the tip to coat the lashes doesn’t work out because the tip’s flat. There is just too much product on it, even if you were to ‘wipe’ it back into the container a few times.).

(See those freckles? I have several on my left cheek but only ONE on my right! Cheeks imbalance. ): ) However, the mascara gives very long, clump-free luscious lashes! (: The above was achieved with just one coat! And volume-wise, it’s good enough for me. The best thing about this is that it doesn’t smudge at all! I wore it the entire day, hit the gym, came back and my lashes were still looking as pretty as ever! (: YAY! (I think this may replace my Bourjois one, which I love so insanely much! :\)

Oh! Do note that too many coats, and clumping will occur. But you really don't need so many coats! (:

As for the colour, though it says ‘Black Brown’ (I'm not sure if you can see the brown in the picture above...) and the wand’s covered with black brown mascara, it appears black on my lashes! I’m not one who goes for black brown/ brown black or brown mascara (I mean, lashes, to me, should all be the blackest that they can be!) so I’m really wondering how black their ‘Very Black’ is!!!

The mascara washes off easily with water but it leaves your eye area a little dark. You will still need a makeup remover to make sure that every bit of it is cleaned off.

Alrighty. Thanks for reading, Muffins! (:

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