Monday, August 2, 2010

REVIEW: K-Palette's 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner (Super Black)

Hi Muffins (: I thought for quite a while before I decided to do a review on this. Reason being that I spent the entire of last week promoting this at Northpoint. I didn't want to make it seem as if I was trying to sell it to you to up my sales or anything like that. Firstly, it was a one-week job. Secondly, I had an impossible-to-hit target. So yep, please know I'm completely honest in my reviews. (: (And writing this review's my idea completely.)

This eyeliner has been on our sunny (Well, now it's rainy) island for quite some time now. Previously, I had purchased the one in black. But it came out greyish and so had been long forgotten. Back then, however, 2 things that impressed me greatly were the ease of usage and that it did not smudge at all when I slept with it on (Just for some background information, when I sleep, I have my bolster over my face at some point. Or another pillow over it. And the moment I wake up, I rub my eyes.).

The above *points above* is in the shade 'Super Black'. On K-Palette's website, it is said to be

Has a micro-fiber brush
Has a conditioning formula.

It is able to withstand humid conditions (YAY!!!) and dry weather and dries quickly. The brush ensures that even beginners are able to draw that perfect line! The formula contains sage essence, pantenol and chamomile essence, making it gentle enough for sensitive skin. (:

Now that the background of the eyeliner is established, let's start on my review. (:

Once drawn on, the eyeliner dries rather quickly and stays there. Quite a bit of effort is needed to actually rub it till it goes away. I'm assuming that no one rubs their eyes that hard so smudge-proof? Checked! (:

Completely waterproof! My friend, Michelle, drew the butterfly on my hand during work. Pictures were taken when I was home. I washed my hands several times before conducting my 'experiment' and look! My butterfly was exactly like it was when it was first drawn on (First picture.)! (:

For some people, Japanese cosmetics = Hard to remove. The eyeliner's ease of removal was posted to me by customers quite a few times. On the back of the packaging, it is stated that it can be removed with warm water or makeup remover. I didn't try the 'warm water' bit because I reckoned that quite a bit of rubbing would be involved. As for the makeup remover bit, yes, it can be removed very easily. (:

Another thing to note is that this eyeliner works great on oily eyelids!!! Michelle usually uses pencil eyeliners and they will always find their way to the bottom of her eyes. She tried this on for work one day and it didn't budge at all! So yay!!! (:

I'm not so big on lining my eyes now (I don't know why!) but I do love to doodle. So I'm gonna end this entry with another butterfly done by yours truly! (:

(I feel like a seconday school kid!)



  1. woah, your "doodles" are really nice! and i love the way all your pictures "speaks" heh heh...

    i havent tried this b4, but the Kpalette 24-hr eyebrow liner is my HG!

  2. i like your doodles! haha it seems like jap liquid liners are the best :D

  3. ure truly an artist! hahahah. wow, u make me tempted to buy this for temporary-tattooing reasons more than for using it as an eyeliner! hahaha. anyway, u were promoting this at np's watson's? I'm always, always there! how come I didn't notice any SAs who look like you? hahaha

  4. i LOVE how you do your posts! The pictures are amazing la! What software you used? Haha.

  5. Love your doodle! It's so pretty! Did you wear your it out of the house? It'd look so spunky :)

  6. Your doodle is cute~ Haha. I can't draw well at all!

  7. Ya i agree, your doodle is super cute. Haha.

  8. Junkshion: Thanks (:

    purplio: Haha. Thank you! I haven't tried that yet because I hardly fill in my eyebrows. But thanks for the heads up! (:

    rainyydays: Hey Kim! (: Oh! Is it? This is the first Japanese liquid liner that I have tried! I heard Majolica Majorca's ones are good too! Plus, they have got GREEN! (:

    Elise Nurasyidah: HAHA! I'm a doodle-ist! Oh oh! I was stationed outside of Watsons! On the grey carpet. I think Guardian's taking over the place this week! Did you check out the Sasa sale on the first level?

    musicplayson: Adobe Photoshop! (:

    jigglyloves: I did this at work and yep, I came home with my hand like that! (:

    daphne87: Haha! I can't draw too! I failed Art. Lol. I can only doodle!

    icefrost: Thanks Michelle! (:

  9. haha yes I did check out the Sasa sale, but did not buy anything. most of the cosmetics are korean stuff (which I haven't heard of before) except Liole. the perfumes look tempting though! oh my, I must be so blind to not spot any counter on a grey carpet! do u live in yishun too?

  10. Elise Nurasyidah: Oh! Haha. Yeah! I was interested in the Silk Whitia masks which a friend said was good. But uhhh... Expensive! Haha. Yeah, the perfumes were super tempting! Heh. Nope, I don't live in Yishun. I live in the far east! (:

  11. Woo yeah! I don't lack any black eyeliner but if this has discount, I probably going to get one! XD

  12. Woooh! I love the drawings! And a very good way to show how waterproof it really it!

  13. miwitch: Hi! (: Hehe. XD

    ladeekim: Thanks (: And I love your nails in your profile pic!


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