Wednesday, August 11, 2010

REVIEW: Skinfood's Masks Wash Off (Rice and Black Sugar)

I would say that Skinfood's rather quiet for a Korean brand. You don't hear much about it in Singapore, or at least, I don't. But being a loyal reader of the Muse, I got acquainted with said brand.

When Mum went to Korea earlier this year, these 2 masks were top on my (very long) to-get list. I can't remember how much Mum got them for but in Singapore, they retail at $25.50 each.

Why do we need scrubs?
Scrubs remove our dead skin layer. This layer is the reason why our skin looks dull and lackluster. By exfoliating it away, the 'new' skin underneath is exposed, resulting in a brighter complexion.

Why Skinfood?
The Muse loves it. Enough said. Haha. It's also because they use natural ingredients in most of their products. And well... The Face Shop's masks broke me out and Etude House is a tad too gimmicky for me.

How do the scrubs smell?
Both have a generally pleasant scent with the Black Sugar one being slightly more overpowering. It reminds me of burnt sugar. The Rice one does smell a little like plastic but it's nothing too repulsive.

Do the 2 scrubs differ?
The Black Sugar one has 'beads' that are way coarser than the Rice one, so do take note to be gentler (Okay, you have to be gentle with all scrubs anyway. Heh.). But hey! It's not a bad thing (Refer to the next question.)!

How does your face feel after using each scrub?
Both make my face feel smooth. However, I think that my face feels A LOT smoother with the Black Sugar one. It could be because of the coarser 'beads'. Also, for the Black Sugar one, there is an immediate brightening effect. I don't get this from the Rice one.

Which mask is better?
Definitely the Black Sugar one. (:

I hope this helps you. (:

Thanks for reading!



  1. aw shucks I'm so flattered xoxo! Great blog you have here miss Muffin :D

  2. Hello Muse (Is it really you? I'm a tad starstruck. Heh.)! Thank you! (: I have been reading yours for ages now and your blog's the first I go to for any product that piques my interest. Really, really enjoy reading your entries! (:

  3. hi Charlene.

    Haha it REALLY is me :-D I used to be on blogger prior to moving to wordpress so this is my blogger account I'm replying to :-D

    oh my starstruck, you FLATTER me :-D xoxo!

    aw thank you so much that really is super to hear! jeepers!

    How are you liking skin food? I really enjoy the line :-D

  4. Haha. I was so excited I told Mum and Sis. Sis reads your blog too!

    I like Skinfood a lot better than the other Korean brands in Singapore. Also, I kinda appreciate the fact that the brand isn't 'gimmicky', unlike The Face Shop and Etude House (I did get Etude House's Precious Minerals B.B. Cream and B.B. Compact though, after reading your review! (:).

    I haven't really tried Skinfood's other facial products because I'm really careful where skincare is concerned. Sensitive skin here. :\

    Oh! Oh! There's something that I really, really need to thank you for! And that's Urban Decay! It was only through your blog that I found out about the brand. They weren't in Singapore until this year so I was completely unaware of it.

    Anyway, it's my favourite brand now! Thank you for all the swatches and the reviews! I'm waiting for the Naked Palette to hit our shores now! (:

    (I think Urban Decay needs to thank you too! Haha.)


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