Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SWATCHES: NYX’s The Runway Collection (03 Champagne & Caviar)

Afternoon Muffins! (:

Yesterday, I received my mini NYX purchase from Smoochiezz!

I ordered the

NYX's Tinted Lip Spa (09 Sake)
NYX’s The Runway Collection (03 Champagne & Caviar)
NYX’s Rouge Cream Blush (01 Rose Petal).

Only the NYX’s Tinted Lip Spa is mine. Unfortunately, it came with a huge scratch!!! ): Hazel, who’s the owner of Smoochiezz, offered to do an exchange for me but I made a swatch of it way before noticing the laceration. ): ): ): She assured me that all her products are new though. The Tinted Lip Spa is very soft and any light touch’s going to make an obvious dent in it. (Still, I don’t know how such a deep scratch could have been made when I have such short nails and was really careful in opening it...) I have put mine in the fridge to harden it a little.

(I’ll do a review on this after I have played more with it. (: )

Dorcas’ the one who got The Runway Collection. Possibly the sweetest girl on earth told me I could make swatches of it for my blog. (: Thanks Dor!!! (:

It comes with a mirror and an applicator. Handy dandy! (:

Matte shades: 5
Shimmery shades: 5

The shades are generally pigmented. Exceptions would be the first row, 2nd and 3rd shades; I had to build them up more than the others in order for them to show up on my skin. Top row, 1st and 4th shades are very similar on my skin (Not so in the picture above. :\). The shimmery shades, save for the pink one (Bottom row, 4th shade), have gold flecks in them.

The eyeshadows feel smooth and soft to the touch and they blend very easily. As the palette’s not mine, I can’t say much about how they end up at the end of the day. But this palette is definitely good for those who are just starting out or just want a simple palette of neutrals! (:

(I'm thinking the pink shade all over the lid, the dark brown in the crease and the top row, 1st or 4th shade as highlight! (:)

(The Rouge Cream's a gift!)


  1. the champagne and caviar palette looks like a good neutral palette! (",)

  2. Yes, it is! But I must wait it out for the Urban Decay's Naked Palette! (Oh I ordered the Maybelline's Natural Smokes Quad. :\)


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