Sunday, August 22, 2010

UPDATES: Skin Inc (SKINC) and more books!!!

Hey Muffins! I’m on a blog roll today. Haha. Okay, 2 entries do not make a roll. Okay, ignore me. Heh.

I made a trip down to Skin Inc (SKINC), ION Orchard yesterday to collect my sample of SKINC’s serum; Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid or Coenzyme Q10 serums. This was given to me because I filled up some Cozycot survey. (:

When I was working at Sephora, I got to know this girl called Mel. We talked about makeup and then, moved on to skincare. She told me about SKINC and was raving about the mask. Though it was hellishly expensive, she remarked that it was extremely expensive. She said that each time she scooped the mask from the tub, she would be like “$10. $20…”. Haha!

I’m not one who goes for high-end products because well… I’m a student on a budget. Heh. But after yesterday’s small skin analysis and chit chat session with Wendy, the BA, and another Cozycotter, I’m wondering if I should make an ‘investment’…

SKINC’s from Japan. All their products have no scent and paraben. Hence, the shelf-life is pretty short (About 6 months.). Save for the serums, most of their products have only ONE type (Like just ONE cleanser, ONE mask etc.). While this makes the brand seem less gimmicky, I do believe that different skin types need different types of skincare products (Like oily skin needs a cleanser for oily skin etc.).

The quick skin analysis, which consisted of answering some questions, showed that the Hyaluronic serum was most suitable for me. However, as I have sensitive skin, Wendy gave me the Ceramide one instead. (: Their serums contain seaweed capsules and it is in those capsules that the active ingredients reside. This keeps the ingredients pure and fresh. Once applied on the skin, the capsules ‘break’ and absorb easily into the skin. There is no sticky residue whatsoever. (: It is to be followed with a moisturizer (The serum doesn’t replace the moisturizer.).

SKINC also provides facials, which last for an hour. I can’t really remember the entire procedure but there is no extraction involved as they do not believe in it. Wendy told me that extraction is harsh and results in enlarged pores. I’m no skin expert. I’m always doing DIY extraction but okay, I’m so going to STOP (Due to severe lack of sleep, my skin’s becoming really bad. :\).

For the month of August, their facials are going at $45 instead of… Some exorbitant figure. Haha. I can’t remember the exact price but it’s definitely a 100 bucks plus.

So yep, that’s what I wanted to share with you! I wasn’t asked to do an advert or anything like that but I thought it was too good a deal to be missed! (:

I did some shopping today for school supplies. I got myself 30 blank jotter books and 3 books! The Starbucks one was a MUST because yours truly is an ex-Starbucks barista! (: (: (:

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  1. Hey Clara! (: Haha. Yep! I'm seriously tempted to have a go at the facial!


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