Thursday, September 9, 2010

EVENT: Kotex's WOW Party

(This post will be strictly for the ladies!)

On August 21st, I was invited to Kotex's WOW Party by The Sample Store. I was wondering why on earth Kotex would hold a party because I mean... Kotex means pads and pads are, well, pads. But boy, was I in for a sweet surprise! (:

The party was held at Heaven's loft, located on the 8th level of Orchard Central.

The food was oh-so-delectable! We even got the chance to make our own cupcakes!!!

Here's my first cupcake! Haha. I saved it for my sister but I accidentally dropped the whole thing on the floor before she could get a bite. :\ (And yes, the silver balls can be eaten!)

After the food and fun, Kotex finally revealed what 'WOW' was all about!

"Fashion has finally been matched with function..."

KOTEX LUXE Ultrathin pads now come with designs to reflect the type of girl you are!

For those who don't know, the KOTEX Ultrathin pads has the Micro (less-than sign) Max Technology. Though ultrathin, it's very absorbent. Best of all, it has a soft cottony cover!!!

The KOTEX LUXE Ultrathin Fusion Day and Night pads will, however, be available in one design only *points above*. ):

Pads are kept in a sleek, black drawstring bag which can be reused. (:

Here are some pictures of the actual pads: 1 2 3

These pretty pads will be launched on September 13th, so keep a look out for them at your supermarket! (:

On a sidenote, yay to a long weekend ahead! I'll be busy catching up on my work (I'm still very much in the holiday mood, no thanks to a 4-month long break.). :\ But what have you ladies got planned?


  1. Woohoo you posted already! Mine will be up next week... heh...
    Your last pic is super kawaii loh!

  2. Haha. But I didn't doodle on it much. Too busy with school. :\

    It depends on the photographer too (You took it for me!)! (:


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