Friday, September 24, 2010

EVENT: L’Oreal HiP Bloggers’ Party

(the above photos are from L'Oreal Paris Singapore's Facebook fanpage.)

“Backstage beauty secrets made easy.”

Last Saturday, I got the chance to attend L’Oreal HiP Bloggers’ Party because of Kim (Thank you, Kim! (: ) It was held at the very whimsical and pretty Hairloom & Caramel (Read about my previous date there here.)! (:

(top row, from left: Riotous, Flare, Platinum and Showy
bottom row, from left: Adventurous, Flashy, Bustling and Flamboyant)

L’Oreal HiP (High Intensity Pigments) is a collection inspired by makeup artist James Kaliardos and his muse, Linda Evangelista. They wanted to bring the stage’s rich and vibrant colours to the masses and hence, HiP was born!

L’Oreal heard our cry for the collection and so yes, Singapore is the first Asian country to have it! YAY!!! (: 8 shades of the HiP Bright Shadow Duo ($18.90 each) and 4 shades of the HiP Color Chrome Eyeliner ($17.90 each) will be brought in. These will be available in selected Watsons store in October, just in time for Christmas! (:

The shade which I am most excited about is Flashy because it looks like a dupe for NARS’ Misfit (I want this so very badly but it is so very expensive! ): )!

The collection reminds me A LOT of Urban Decay because of all the in-your-face kind of colours! Flamboyant reminds me of Urban Decay’s Honey and Flash. The lighter blue in Showy looks similar to Urban Decay’s Painkiller.

(from top: Black Shock, Silver Lightning, Gold Change and Violet Volt)

The eyeliners are incredibly soft and creamy. Again, Gold Charge reminds me of Urban Decay’s El Dorado Eye Pencil and Violet Volt, Urban Decay’s Ransom.

Mich recently did a very interesting entry, pitting L'Oreal HiP's eyeliners with Urban Decay's! Read it here!

Makeup artist Julyen was there to do a makeup demonstration. He taught us the ‘wash’ and ‘pack’ methods for applying shadows. ‘Washing’ is for applying the eyeshadow over the entire lid and for softening harsh lines. He reminded us to hold the brush at the handle so that the eyeshadow will be brushed onto our lids in a very natural way, following the way the brush moves.

'Packing’ is a technique I learnt when I was working in Sephora. After picking up some eyeshadow, shake your brush to get rid of excess and dab it on your eyelids. Don't do any swiping motion! This important technique ensures that your eyeshadow doesn't lose it's intensity. Another way to ensure that, is to wet your brush first with mineral water (Julyen suggested Avène's Thermal Water.).

The rule of the thumb, he said, is for the lighter shade of eyeshadow to be applied at the inner corners of your eye and the darker one on the outer corners. But this time round, he did it the other way round; Darker on the inner corners and lighter on the outer.

On the other eye of the model (She has such fabulous skin!), he did a smokey eye, using purple in the crease to soften the outline of the black eyeshadow. With a little silver eyeshadow, he highlighted the middle of the eyelid to give it some dimension.

One very useful tip he mentioned was that one of the causes of creasing is that we pack on too much eyeshadow, so pack less!

Thereafter, we had a makeup competition on paper dolls, cupcake-designing competition and lunch. I got to try the Smoked Duck Sandwich with Dijon Mustard that I wanted the other time (It wasn’t available then!)! (:

Each of us was given a makeup pouch which contained 4 eyeshadows, 2 eyeliners and the Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer. I can't wait to try out the eyeshadows, especially Flashy! (And I'm pretty sure that I'm getting Riotous come October! Green's my favourite colour! (: )

Thank you L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics and Kim for such an awesome Saturday! Also, it was really fabulous meeting the other Onsugarettes again! (: (: (:

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