Thursday, September 2, 2010

REVIEW: Neutrogena’s Body Clear Body Scrub

I get the occasional blemish on my back once in a while but somehow, during June/ July, I had quite a few (Probably due to long hours of work and late nights. :\ Sleep early!) and that scared me quite a bit. So I am really glad that I got this in my first haul (I think I actually got it for my brother. Hmmm… Well, he’s using it now. Heh.).

The thing that I look out for in acne treatments is salicylic acid and this has it. So did it clear up my back acne? Yes, it did!!! (: (: (:

The beads in the scrub are rather coarse so do be careful, especially when you’re going over the blemishes (Don’t scratch them!). It smells a bit like Clean & Clear Morning Burst range… Like oranges! Very refreshing!

But unfortunately, it also dried out my back! ): ): ): I am guessing that it is because I used it every day. Even though this is meant for the body and the skin on the body is a lot tougher than that on the face, I guess all scrubs work the same way, meaning that they should be used only twice a week.

I have stopped using this (Brother's turn. Finally! Lol.). I don’t need it anymore anyway, since my back acne's all gone. (:

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