Thursday, October 14, 2010

HAUL: (Not again!) From the bustling town of Tampines

(from top)
Lulur Mandi ($2.70 - $2.90)
Pond's Cold Cream ($6.90)
Schwarzkopf Gliss' Hair Repair for Anti Split-Ends and Deep Repair 19 ($10.90)
L'Oreal HiP's Color Chrome Eyeliner in 910 Black Shock ($17.90)
Tsubaki's Shampoo (x2) and Hair Treatment ($28.90) (not in the picture)

Umm... I hauled again. Haha. The idea was to get the Lulur Mandi scrubs. It will be pretty troublesome for me to get them once I shift house next Friday (EEKS!!! I'm so excited but I'm going to miss my current place so much! )': ). But I decided to take a walk around Tampines N2 Centre and ended up with all the above, save for the eyeliner (Watsons)! Eeps, eeps, eeps!!! :\

For those who don't know, Lulur Mandi is a traditional scrub for brides-to-be. There is more information about the scrubs here. I read from forums that these tubs cost a dollar in Indonesia. :\ In Singapore, the price range is from $2.70 to $5 (A shop at Parkway sells 3 tubs for $10.). The Malay shop that I bought these from used to sell them for $2.50. Now, it's $2.70. It's an increment of 20 cents only but BIG SIGH. Anyway, for those who are interested, this Malay shop is located beside Guardian at Tampines N2 Centre (Street 21).

I got Pond's Cold Cream only because Ru blogged about it. Haha. I don't even know if it's good.

*reads the comments*

Crap!!! Apparently, it's a pain to wash off! Ugh. I should have read the comments first before deciding to buy it. Ugh ugh ugh! I got the big bottle because the small ones didn't have expiry dates on them. Oh gawd. Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh! (This and the Tsubaki set were bought from CK, by the way. It's sort of at the end of the place.)

Schwarzkopf Gliss' hair treatments were bought because the hair mask is awesome. I got them at Red Berries, which is located on the other side of Guardian. Some of their prices are cheaper than Swanston's! The L'Oreal hair masks cost about $36+ at Swanston's, whereas Red Berries sells them for $31+. (Oh! Sasa sells the Schwarzkopf Gliss' hair treatments for $12.90, I think.)

As for the L'Oreal HiP eyeliner... Another big sigh. Silly me brought all my eyeliners, save for a white one, to the new house. I won't be going to the new house till next Friday so... *guilty look*

Alright. That's all, Muffins! No more hauls, I cross my heart. (I bet I'm hauling so much because of the stress from school. I'm sure of it!!!) Anyway, a review will be up tomorrow night. So till then, take care! (:


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