Sunday, November 7, 2010

TAG: What's in your 'medicine cabinet'?!?

'The Zack Files' was my all-time favourite series back when I was a kid. After reading 'Through the Medicine Cabinet', I badly wanted a medicine cabinet! But I guess, medicine cabinets aren't common in Asian countries? I asked Mum why we didn't have medicine cabinets in our current and ex-houses and she was like "They are too troublesome!". *GLOOM*

But that's alright, because I can have one, right here in the virtual world (Better than nothing right? Hehe.), on my blog!!! *cheers and dances*

I know my 'cabinet''s a little bare. Trust me, my toilet's way crowded with toiletries of all sorts but I don't use everything (Then what are they doing there? I have no idea. Just sitting, I guess. Haha.). The above products pretty much make up my nightcare routine. I use Clinique's Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer and Skin Inc (SKINC)'s Okinawa Deepsea Hydra Mask but I can't say that I have been very regular with them. :\

(When googling pictures of Hazeline Snow so that I can get the colours for it, I came across this very interesting article about its history! Don't you just LOVE the old packaging?!?)

What's in your 'medicine cabinet'?!?

And just in case you're in the mood for some doodling, here's an empty 'cabinet' for you!

(The image is in .png format. It doesn't come with the border. I put it there just so that you know the sides of the 'cabinet' don't go on forever!)

Hey Muffins!

I'm so incredibly sorry for the lack of entries. I was having my mid-terms for the past 2 weeks and in the midst of studying for them, my family and I were shifting to a new house, so there was a lot of packing and unpacking to do. The school semester is drawing to an end so I'm going to 'disappear' again in December. But I'll do my best to come up with one entry a week. (:

Meanwhile, I do tweet a lot! About beauty-related stuff, like what makeup I have on, whether some products I am using kick asses or stink... I tweet about school too, though. But anyway, here's my link just in case you're interested.

Alrighty! It's time for me to head off to lala land!

Have a fab Sunday!

Lots of love,
Charlene J.

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