Thursday, November 25, 2010

UPDATES: School, family and Onsugarettes love!

Hey Muffins (:

As aforementioned, I'll be pulling a disappearing act for the month of December (Until 20th, anyway.) because of my finals. Thanks for being very patient with me over the past few months, even though I'm slow in replying comments, haven't been commenting much and have been completely negligent where Sunbathing Muffins is concerned. Do pardon me. I'll be back before you know it, with more reviews and haul posts (OMG. TRUST ME ON THIS. I HAULED SO MUCH MORE THAN I DID OVER THE 4-MONTH LONG SUMMER VACATION.)! (:

Another thing that I want to mention is something that happened to my family. For those following me on Twitter, you would have known that my brother was diagnosed with dengue fever and it was a very serious case. He had high fever, shortness of breaths and chest pains.

A healthy person has a normal platelet count that is between 150,000 and 450,000 per microlitre of blood, but my brother's dropped from 74,000 to 31,000 to 19,000 within a day before the doctors did a blood transfusion for him (Their rule is that the platelet count has to be 20,000 and below before they do any blood transfusion.). My family doctor was really furious because from 74,000 to 31,000 overnight was very drastic.

The worst thing was that Dad was away and Mum had to run the whole show. I couldn't be at the hospital because I couldn't leave Gran alone at home and it was just all very, very scary. And to see my usually mischievous brother so sick... It was very, very heart-breaking for me (He went to the loo to brush his teeth and then, just sat on the floor because he didn't have the strength to walk back to the bed.).

I am pretty positive that my tear ducts have officially ceased functioning. My brother's better now, though his platelet count is still very low after 2 blood transfusions. He needs to be under observation 24/7, to ensure that he doesn't get cut or anything like that because his blood can't clot now.

Okay, the point that I want to make is that, without the Onsugarettes on Twitter (and off Twitter), I don't think I could have 'survived' the past few days. Off the top of my head, MAJOR shoutouts to

Michelle, Ru, Kim, Jo, Fatin, Joyce, Amie and Charlene.

(I don't think I have missed out anyone but I'm really sorry if I did!)

Thank you so so SO much for the tweets and SMSes of encouragement! They really meant so so SO much to me (I wish I could emphasize the 'so' some more!). There is just SO much love from me to you guys! Tuesday night was the worst (because Dad was still overseas, Mum was crying, it was just Gran and I at home...) but your constant tweets (and SMSes from Charlene) were a great source of comfort and really, thank you so much for that. <333

I told Ru before that joining Onsugar is probably one of the best things that I have ever happened done. My 'offline' friends have hardly any interest in makeup (Or American dramas. *grins at Fatin* Go watch 'Pretty Little Liars' if you haven't!!!). My best friend is a tomboy who loves soccer to death so yeah... You get the picture.

But the thing is that though I have joined clubs/communities (in school), I have never felt this close to a community before. I made an Onsugar account because I was reading some Onsugar beauty blogs but I really didn't think that I would make such awesome friends through my own beauty blog (I have been blogging since I was in Primary 3. I made a few friends through web-designing sites but we weren't THIS close.). And for that, I am very, very thankful and grateful. It is really one of the very big blessings that I have received this year. I have to mention Hazel too, who was also a fab ex-neighbour! (: You guys make me SMILE. (:

Yes, you can totally tell that I am a person who cares about all the small things so please don't be freaked out by this crazy long declaration of love to my Onsugarette buds. Haha. I'm just really very, very grateful and incredibly thankful. (:

Anyway, till the 20th Muffins!
Take care. (:

Charlene J.

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