Friday, December 24, 2010


(This is going to be quite picture intensive.)

Doing my eyes is my favourite part of applying makeup! I usually do it the 'Outer V' way though I have no creases of any sort to speak of. I have mutiple eyelids though. Unfortunately, they are only permanent on my left eye, making sporadic appearances on my right. :\

Of course, of course I got the Urban Decay's Book of Shadows III! Hehe. XD It was purchased from a spree that Michelle held. I got it at USD$54 plus a 20% off. I saved!!! *dances* (Though technically, as my sister put it, I didn't. I would have actually saved if I didn't purchase it. Sigh. Young ones. Some day, she will discover the wonders of makeup!)

This is my first KATE's eyeshadow palette; Gradical Eyes in GY-1. I spent hours, hovering around the KATE counter, trying to decide on the palette that I should get. I actually like the blue one a lot (I LOVE blue on my eyes!) but back then, I was into the whole nude makeup phase, so I got this instead (Oh gosh! Now I'm thinking about the blue palette. No, Charlene, no!).

In the palette, the eyeshadows feel rather dry and rough but they go on very smoothly on the skin, blending real easily. The shimmers are subtle so it's good for an everyday look. Go heavy on the dark side and voilà! You get your smokey eyes! (:

This was given to me by Charlene Senior!!! I haven't bought Majolica Majorca palettes in a while so I was really thrilled to get this, and very pleasantly surprised. (: Much love from Charlene to Charlene! :D

This palette is called 'Blooming Dream Eyes'. It was in the previous collection, I think. I love fairytales of all sorts so I'm really in love with the design of this little book!

Like all other Majolica Majorca eyeshadows, these are smooth and easy to blend. The eye gloss needs a little work to show up (You will need to pat it on!) but it's very pretty. (:

I didn't haul this either. This was a surprise gift from Dad! He was really random. The morning before he left for his flight, he saw me applying makeup and he was like "You know, the airport has makeup. You can go check it out and tell me what you want...". And the next thing I knew, I got a SMS from him saying that he got my sis and I each a palette! So presenting... *drum rolls*... My first Lancôme product, the Absolu Voyage palette!

It was a surprise too, because really, I didn't think my Dad liked me putting on all these makeup. So it was really nice to know that he has my back in everything, and I mean, EVERYTHING, that I do.

from left to right: The 6 eyeshadows, Blusher, Eyeliner and Lipliner

Again, the eyeshadows are smooth and easy to blend (And somehow, they feel a tad more luxurious!). The dark brown and the white are matte, whilst the rest contains subtle shimmers. I LOVE the shade of the blusher! It's coral-pink and will give me the OH!!!-I-have-had-ten-hours-of-sleep-look-though-really-I-only-had-3. Haha! Whoopee!!! (Just in case you don't know, I'm currently in a blusher phase!)

I got the Too Faced 'The Bathing Beauty' from Jen for 20 bucks.

The peach blusher was the reason I got it (Yes, I'm in the peach blushers phase!). And I have been using only this blusher ever since I got it! :D

from left to right: Blusher and the 3 eyeshadows

I have always liked Too Faced products! I swatched most of what Sephora Singapore has when I was working there back in June. Eyeshadows are of great pigmentation, awesome colours... I always feel that it's under Urban Decay's shadow. ): But okay... If you were to ask me to pick one out of the two, it's URBAN DECAY HANDS DOWN!!! HOLAAA!!! Heh. Sorry, Too Faced! But I'm loyal and I got to know about Urban Decay first. Heh.

from left to right: NARS' Deep Throat, NARS' Orgasm and Too Faced's Blusher<

So when there's a blusher that's peachy pink, I, of course, like to take out my NARS blushers in Deep Throat and Orgasm and do a comparison! The Too Faced blusher is definitely a whole lot peachier than the NARS ones, and umm... I actually like it a lot better! Heh heh.

Anyway, yep. That's it from me today! HAPPY HOLIDAYS, MUFFINS!!! :D

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