Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SPOTTED: Mummy's Stash

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While packing the house for the big move, Mum came across her really ancient makeup and passed them to me! She got these when I was 13!!! I still remember how she ran into the room excitedly with them, plopped herself in front of the mirror and started applying them. And then, we took pictures! Or rather, camwhored. Haha.

These are Cooling Stick Eyeshadows in the shades 01 Rosy White, 16 Plum Chilly and 17 Silver Bells. The names are so pretty and so incredibly apt for Christmas, aren't they?!?

I am in love with 01 Rosy White already! I still have them with me and am seriously thinking of using them. LOL. Okay, I know I shouldn't, even if I were give a gazillion boxes of Royce chocolates, but I definitely won't be throwing them out anytime soon. Heh.

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