Thursday, December 30, 2010

LOOKBOOK: Lace, frills and everything black.

Morning Muffins! :D

I hope you guys had a splendid Christmas and of course, Boxing Day *grins*! Christmas always seem to like just zoom right past. Before you know it, Chinese New Year decorations are up! I really wish Christmas were all year round. And fingers crossed that someday, I'll actually get to experience a white Christmas! Rather than a sweltering one. :\

Haha. Enough babbling! Today's post is a fashion-related one. I'm not much of a fashionista because SG is really way too hot to be one. Most of the time I'm found in tees (American Eagles is my favourite label!) and denim shorts. I do dress up a little if I'm going for events or Church... Or if I know I'm going to fail a paper. Haha. That was what I did for my Probability and Statistics paper. 'If I'm gonna fail, I might as well do it in style.', that's my ummm... Philosophy? Haha.

At the moment, I'm obsessed with lace, hosiery and skirts that fare and are frilly. The colour that is in for me this season (MY season. Haha.) is black! Which is kinda weird because it has never been my... Philosophy? (Haha. Fashion, philosophy... Haha. *shakes head*) to be dressed like more than half in black. SG is wayyy too hot for that. Black, radiation... MAJOR EEPS! :\ But it doesn't seem to bother me right now. Haha.

I don't always follow a particular style. I'm usually influenced by characters in whichever TV drama that I'm following. It used to be Erin Silver from 90210 (Only from Season 1.). Now, it's Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars (JANURARY 3rd IS COMING!!! HOLA!!! This show has been on a break since what? August?!?).

Anyway, I'm done with words. Here are some pictures taken with my iPhone.

(I'm not very good at camwhoring so pardon the awkward poses. And pardon any messiness. I make my bed only in the middle of the day or like after dinner... Or sometimes, I just leave it. It's a pull-out mattress. Oh! And that table there, my siblings 'built' it for me when I was studying for my mid-terms. :D)

ASOS Daisy Lace Tights

F21's basic white t-shirt
F21's lace skirt with white inner layer
ASOS Heart Sheer Tights

(I tore this one. *points above* )': I'm gonna turn it into a wrist band or something like that.)

Cotton On's black jersey dress
F21's black lace top

Alrighty. Just in case I don't post anymore until 2011 rolls in,


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