Thursday, January 6, 2011


Other than being crazily obsessed with lashes, I'm also into blushers! And I'm sure I'm not the only one. *raises eyebrows* Haha. Some ladies are into lipsticks, some are into highlighters... But when it comes to blushers, I think it's a universal thing, no? Haha.

clockwise from top: Shiseido Integrate Gracy Blusher in 300, NARS Gina, NARS Gilda, NARS Amour, Too Faced's Brightening Blush in Papa Don't Preach, Benefit's Face Powder in Georgia, Bourjois' ASOS Exclusive Limited Edition Vintage Blusher - Peach Glow, NYX's Powder Blush in Peach (PB06), NYX's Mosaic Powder Blush in Peachy (MPB04)

Here are the blushers which I amassed during my school semester! And I actually have 3 more drugstore ones to collect from Fatin! Heh.

The Shiseido Integrate Gracy Blusher was given to me by Mich. She got it from Japan for about S$10. I'm not really following the Japanese/ Korean makeup scene but Mich told me that this line is for more mature women. But it doesn't really matter to me. I mean, as long as the colour looks fab on me, I don't really care if it's for 90-year-olds or whatever. And this is such a lovely peach colour! Thanks Mich!!! LOVE!

From the above stash, I'm certain you can tell that I'm currently into peach blushers now! There is much comparison between NARS Gina and Gilda. Gina's a true peach alright, but Gilda looks like a coral to me. This website has a really detailed entry on these 2 shades. I got Amour because Roseanne mentioned it. It's a pretty old entry but somehow it got stuck in my head. (:

Too Faced's Brightening Blush in Papa Don't Preach is my favourite out of the lot! I found it when I was a temp at Sephora. I was really wowed the first time I applied it. It wasn't anything like the other blushers I owned back then. So it had always been on my wishlist.

The NYX blushers were a bit of a disappointment. The powder blush looks completely pink in the pan. I haven't swatched it though so it may be a different story when I do so. I have used the mosaic one but nothing amazing there.

Swatches will be up another time. (:

Have a fab Wednesday, Muffins!

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