Thursday, January 6, 2011

REVIEW: Neutrogena's Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask

What is this?
A hair mask! So that you can get those celeb-swish-swish hair! Haha. Okay, it's going to make your hair soft and lustrous! (:

So... Which type of hair is this for?
It is for extra dry and over-processed hair.

What are the key ingredients?
Olive: Which penetrates to the centre
Meadowfoam Seed: Which helps moisturize the middle
Sweet Almond: Which wraps the surface

It smells...?
A little medicinal but it's the pleasant sort!

And what's your take on it?
Ahhh... I think it's only okay. Nothing that wows me or anything like that. It keeps my hair soft, but that's something that I can from other hair masks as well. Schwarzkopf's Gliss Hair Repair (Deep Repair 19) is much better, to me. And the fact that the latter is available in Singapore (Check out Sasa or Watsons! (: ) is also a plus point. Yes, the Neutrogena one isn't available on our sunny island.

Not available? Then... How did you get your hands on it? I still want to try it...
Sprees! (: Michelle is holding a spree right this minute! :D

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