Saturday, January 22, 2011

UPDATES: My Vanity Area (Part 1)

Warning: Rambling ahead and picture heavy.

(Cue: In a very shrill voice.) I'm sooo excited to do this post! *jumps up and down* I didn't post much last week because I was busy decorating my vanity area (I am so so sorry!)! As some of you might know, I shifted house at the end of October last year. It was in the midst of my school term so I didn't have time to do decorations of any sort.

From my Style Book entries, you might have guessed that my room's very bare and you are right! Mum had massive cupboards built in my room so I basically just chucked everything inside. I like it bare so that I have less cleaning to do. (:

Can you believe that Mum had these 3 cupboards made for my clothes?!? I was like "Ummm Mum... I haven't got that many pieces...". That may change though, what with all my ASOS and F21 buys. :\

Anyway, I converted the leftmost cupboard into my vanity area!!!

So let's open it up! (Cue: Drum rolls.)

TADAHHH!!! *beams*

I got the 'curtain' idea from here. Instead of using stickers (Because I am way broke from all the sprees.), I used black and gold construction papers. The 'strings' are dental floss.

The top is where I keep the makeup that I'm currently using, makeup that I want to finish using (All my EDM samples!), perfumes, brushes etc..

On the left panel, I stuck old makeup ads printed from the internet. Somehow, I find them more sincere than current ads. Current ones just scream "I WANT YOUR MONEY!" and the old ones are more "I really want to help you to be beautiful!". Okay, I think it's just me. Heh.

Wooden pegs are stuck on the panel too, so I can clip beauty tips and cards and hang my bracelets on them.

I got the vintage lamp from a cart in Parkway, opposite Borders. When I first saw it, I was like 'OMG!!! MY VANITY AREA NEEDS THAT!!!". I paid $53 for it. The handle's made of porcelain and the lamp works! It's just that I haven't got a plug in my cupboard and I want it in my cupboard so it isn't going to light up forever. Haha. The bulb's the normal bulb (Not the energy-saving one.) and it comes with a dimmer.

Just in case you're interested, there is a very big store in Simei's Eastpoint which sells furniture like this (Cupboards, mailboxes, beds, small drawers, mirrors, tables etc..). Prices are ceiling-high though (Lamps like this cost $60 over there but I'm pretty sure you can do a little negotiation.).

This is a Paul & Joe brush holder which Mum bought for me 2 Christmases ago. I'm going to buy those little bubbles so that my brushes can stand and not all fall to one side.

This London box was bought from Takashimaya. There's some discount going on. I think Mum got it for around 50 bucks.

So here's where I keep all my perfumes; Stella McCartney's, DKNY's, Guess' and Issey Miyake's. I have been using Stella McCartney scents for 2 years now. I usually find a scent and then, stick to it. Some of my friends know that I'm present before they actually see me when they smell my perfume. My parents got me the DKNY Be Delicious one for Christmas and gawd! I LOVE IT! I have been using it every SINGLE day since I opened it.

Mum bought the small brown cupboard from Bangkok. Inside holds my lip products. I placed my empty Anna Sui boxes on it. Behind them is a vintage receipt holder. Sis bought it for me from Laine's Papeterie for $50. I filled it with vintage-patterned paper (From Laine's Papeterie as well.), my Starbucks 'Be' cards, poker cards, clothes tags etc..

The Eeyore photo frame was from the very old Disney store at Takashimaya. I used to badger my parents to bring me to Takashimaya just so that I could visit that store and play with the musical boxes in there and look at all the princess dresses. (:

Black and green snowflakes and cards adorn the right panel. I took FOREVER to cut out the snowflakes (Template's from the internet. Yes, the internet is my lifeline.)! The cards are from a cart in Jurong Point, I think (Sis gave them to me.).

This is a Royce Chocolate box. As aforementioned, I'm trying to use up my EDM samples which I bought a year ago. The lid contains makeup that I use everyday.

And I'll do the bottom drawers another day. Now it's time for an episode of 'The Office' (This sitcom is awesome!!! Go watch it if you haven't already! The American version! :D ) and then, bed. :D

Have a fab Sunday tomorrow, Muffins! (:


  1. Your vanity area is so pretty and neat!
    I suddenly feel really guilty for the terrible mess that I have!!!

  2. OMG! i love hw you keep, pack and store your stuffs!!!!



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