Thursday, January 27, 2011

UPDATES: My Vanity Area (Part 2)

Hey Muffins!

I'm back with the 2nd installment of my vanity area! Sorry that I'm a tad late. School ends pretty late for me (Seriously, what's with NTU and its afternoon classes?!? You would think that I'm doing a part-time degree. Grrr...).

This is quite possibly the part of my vanity area which I am most proud of.

The letterings were hell to cut because the outlines had gaps and weren't smooth at all. The string was bought from Paper Market. I wanted to make friendship bracelets out of it many moons ago, but well, procrastination totally threw that idea into the bin.

My favourite design out of the 3! These charms are actually Juicy Couture ones! Since I can't afford the real McCoy... Haha!

I was a little stuck for ideas for the last drawer and then, I was like "Why don't I pay homage to Sunbathing Muffins?!?". The initial plan was to outline a muffin with the string but ummm... It seemed like an impossible task in my head so I decided to do polka dots (My previous obsession.). Ribbons were put in because well, I'm into lace, pearls and ribbons now!

Now let's take a peak into the drawers...

CUBBY HOLES!!! :D :D :D I remember very clearly loving cubby holes in kindergarten. They were like little homes for our school bags! *squeals* Okay, ignore me. But I do love cubby holes. Really. Haha.

This was an idea from our previous carpenter. He did it for Mum's accessories in our previous apartment. Mum loves it and so she had these cubby holes done for the 3 ladies in the house! (:

This is a rough layout of my cubby holes. Notice that Urban Decay, M.A.C. and NARS have their own cubbies? Hehe. XD

Close-ups! Do you spot toilet rolls? Haha! I use them to house my eyeliners so that my eyeliners won't be lying flat on the floors of the cubby holes. It's really annoying to get them out when that happens.

The upper tier contains my accessories. Most of them are from Accessorize, my to-go shop for accessories!

There are more cubby holes at the back (The top tier can be moved.). That's where I keep new items and some samples.

In the second drawer, I keep my palettes, new makeup items (They are in the Converse shoebox.) and umm... Yes, my MacDonald's miniatures and Singapore Airlines Barbie Doll. Haha. I wanted to decorate my vanity area with the former but well, there isn't really much space left.

The Singapore Girl was a gift from my Dad when I was in primary school. It's the only Barbie doll which I didn't rip out from her box the moment I got it. It was just too special. (: Dad travels a lot.

The last drawer has my Babyliss curlers, new haircare and skincare products and samples. Yes, I can open up my own store. Need hairspray? Not a problem! Body scrub? Got that! Sunscreen? Yep, that too. Haha. Mum got a shock when she saw this drawer. But I daresay that you guys have more stuff than me, no? XD

Alrighty. Here ends the little 'tour' of my vanity area! Thanks for reading! (:

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