Thursday, January 20, 2011

WWW: Stylemyself

I'm not sure about you but boy! Do I love shopping!!! (Okay, I'm betting that you do too!) But as the cliché goes, 'Too many things to do, so little time.'. Well, in this case, it's 'too many shops'. Heh.

And to traipse under the increasingly erratic weather, deal with the crazily crowded public transport, which have you breathing in everyone else's carbon dioxide... And then, to end up with a shopping trip that yields NO LOOT!!! Nuh uh. It totally kills shopping! *shudders* (It is very good for your pocket though...) Isn't it better to be able to 'shop' in the comforts of your own home? Think: Air-con blasting, hugging your bolster (Okay, maybe this is just me.), hot chocolate by your laptop... Ahhh! Sweet!

But then what? We spend hours trawling on ONE website and then, move on to another? Whatever is gonna happen to our truckload of work? Isn't there like an online shopping centre? You know, like we can 'walk past the shops, look at what's on display and if we like it, we walk in'?

Well, fab news for us! There is! And here's introducing *drum rolls*...

Stylemyself is described as an 'one-stop fashion e-catalogue'. Bascially, it's an online shopping mall, CATEGORIZED.

The shops are organized according to the types of products they provide. Looking for a white tee? Just go to 'Clothing', 'Basic Tops'. This cuts down our time shopping, we don't get distracted by things which we weren't thinking about in the first place (But if you want to be distracted, by all means. :D ) Many a times, I find myself buying everything under the sun EXCEPT for the one thing that I set out to buy initially.

The best thing to note about Stylemyself? It shows you all the latest collections! You're definitely going to be keeping up with the latest trends (Leopard prints are 'in' now, no?)!

Also, Stylemyself like many others have jumped on the bandwagon, creating their own Facebook page AND iPhone application!

And is the iPhone application useful! Just like the website, it shows you all the latest products, which stores to get them from and where the stores are located at. There is also an additional feature; You can mark your favourite products and when you are near them, you will be notified!!! How cool is that?!?

And here's presenting some of my picks!

I know it's all black! But I'm currently into black now (Yes, a pathetic retort in self-defence...)! I'm totally loving those boots!

Do note that Stylemyself is an online mall, so it doesn't just have female clothings! There are stuff for the men and kids!!! So rope in your other half, brother and son too!

And maybe they will sponsor your loot. XD

(Psst! There is also a beauty section! Awesome much? :D )

The picture beside the Facebook one is an iPhone. Just in case you can't tell what it is. Heh!

Inspiration for doodles is from google.

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