Wednesday, February 16, 2011

RAMBLINGS: At the dinner table.

Dad: Josh, there's papaya in the fridge.
Me: Ew. I hate papayas.
Dad: Charlene, there's papaya in the fridge. *cheshire-cat grin*

(I have a chronic pee disease. You'll know if you're with me before a paper.)
Me: I don't want to eat the fish.
Bro: You should eat the fish because...
Dad: Fish don't pee.
Bro: That was what I wanted to say!

Dad: Hey! I bought soya bean.
Me: Oh okay, thanks! (pauses) You bought the BEANS? *guffaws*

Me: Dad, I need soy milk for my Hershey syrups.
Dad: Drink them straight from the bottles.
Me: *stares at Dad* Siao arh?
Dad: Drink them bit by bit. *guffaws*

Dad: Why don't you attend lectures?
Bro: They are useless. During Chemistry lecture, I was doing my Physics homework. Someone behind asked me sth about the lecture and I could explain it to him.

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