Sunday, February 6, 2011

RAMBLINGS: The beginning comes from an end.

I decided to replace 'Sunbathing Muffins' on Blogger with a personal blog. Blogger 'Sunbathing Muffins' was created because I was experiencing login problems on Onsugar and wanted a backup. But now that the problems have been resolved and I'm getting kind of jaded with my own personal blog, I decide to make a mishmash out of the 2.

'Sunbathing Muffins' will have beauty-related stuff only. As for 'Love, Charlene Judith', it's going to be all about me. Completely self-indulgent, self-wallowing... Everything me. And those beauty entries uploaded to 'Sunbathing Muffins'. It's probably going to be a lot about school, seeing that my whole life revolves around it now, many epiphanies that are quickly forgotten... The usual.

The CNY break was a revelation in many ways. Fingers crossed that when morning comes, I wake up with the revelation etched deep in my mind, as fresh as ever.

One 'major' decision that I have made is to tighten the rope round my neck and do the Final Year Project (FYP), instead of Internship (They are mutually exclusive. FYP is essential to be awarded first-class honours.). My GPA is a few points shy of being in the first-class honours range at the moment. I was adamant about doing Internship because I really did not think that my GPA would see any increment in the remaining semesters. Also, I really want to get the hell out of university (I really do not care much for my degree. At all.).

But the professor in-charge seems to think that I am capable of pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Professor Adams' reply was the deciding factor, I guess. He wrote a very detailed and encouraging email. So I'm going to pack away my toys and work my ass off for the remaining semesters (Starting from tomorrow. Ha.).

Because if I'm going to do FYP, I sure as hell make certain that the first-class honours is mine.

"The old-fashioned kind of love that leads to a shared home, a shared mortgage, Christmas trees, and children."
'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' is highly additive. Don't read it before bed because then, you won't get sleep.

"One more chapter. Just one more!"

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